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One of the most popular and most successful fashion icons in recent times has been the COUNTRY ROAD TOTE BAG. Why? Because these bags are simply the most handy, medium-sized carrier bag that you will find anywhere.

They are ideal for school, overnight stays, gym, university, shopping or just about anything you can think of. I have sold over 50 different colours on eBay so there is definitely a colour for anyone.

When purchasing a COUNTRY ROAD Tote Bag on eBay, always use common sense. Look for sellers with good feedback, and make sure that they have earned the feedback through SELLING products. It's very easy for a seller to artificially increase their feedback by making lots of cheap purchases. This will increase their feedback score, but will certainly NOT increase their selling experience.

Also look for sellers who are keen to help you and answer questions. Good sellers want to make your experience on eBay a pleasant one, and they should be more than willing to assist you where ever possible.

The most respected sellers on eBay are PowerSellers. PowerSellers have to adhere to sales and customer satisfaction benchmarks set by eBay. Buying from a PowerSeller ensures that you are buying from someone who has expience selling on eBay.

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