The College Student's Guide To Finding A Poster II

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This is a continuation of " The College Student's Guide To Finding A Poster"


Maybe your roommate is into Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out (and who wouldn't be), maybe it's one of those crazy fake inspirational posters, how about why beer is better than a half naked (or is she half dressed?) woman?  Whatever the case is... that is awesome... for ten minutes!  You need a closet full of them to keep the joke new.  Here's a tip: have at least four up in rotation at all time.  After about a week you put up a new one.  Believe me, every time it goes up you and all your friends will find it as funny as the first time you saw it because, lets face it, you grew up in the 90's you have the attention span of an ADD patient!  You can even match it up to your mood.  Feeling a lil' frisky?  Where's that Carmen Electra poster?  Wanna show your wild side... put up "What I really learned in School" poster. 

The point is this... college dorms are good for many things.  Diversity, enlightenment, social mingling, eye opening... and one HECK of a party.  Hey you're paid up for the rest of the year, right?  So, do yourself a favor. Dive knee deep into them thumb tacks, and put up as many posters and prints as your heart desires. Just remember one thing...  Have fun kids!  'cause in 4 (maybe 5) years... well lets just say you're gonna miss that dorm room, so make it memorable.

Guy Y. 

(None of the above comments were inteded on disrespecting any likes or interests of the eBay community. The statements and opinions made in this review are not nessecarily those expressed by Adam Hersh or Adam Hersh Auctions, Inc. Adam actually partied too much in college to remember what posters he had hung in his dorm room)

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