The Complete Christine Feehan Book List

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Christine Feehan has a strong following with her award winning books.  Her debut novel, Dark Prince received three Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature for 1999, and she has gone on to receive many more awards and to make numerous bestseller lists.  She writes primarily in Fantasy and Sci Fi Romance (yes there is such a genre!).  I hope you find this list helpful!  Please contact me if I’ve missed anything…

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I spend hours compiling and checking each of my guides before publication.  It is my goal to be one of the top 25 reviewers in Australia.  If you do find this guide helpful in any way, please recognise my hard work by voting yes.  I appreciate every helpful vote I receive.

The Dark Series (Carpathian Vampire)

Dark Prince 1999
Dark Desire 1999
Dark Gold 2000
Dark Magic 2000
Dark Challenge 2000
Dark Fire 2001
Anthology: After Twilight (contains Dark Dream) 2001
Dark Legend 2002
Dark Guardian 2002
Dark Symphony 2003
Anthology: The Only One (contains Dark Descent) 2003
Dark Melody 2003
Dark Destiny 2004
Anthology: Hot Blooded (contains Dark Hunger) 2004
Dark Secret 2005
Dark Demon 2006

The Leopard Series

Anthology:  Fantasy (contains The Awakening) 2002
Wild Rain 2004
Fever 2006

The Drake Sisters Series

Anthology: Lover Beware (contains Magic in the Wind) 2003
The Twilight Before Christmas 2003
Oceans of Fire 2005
Dangerous Tides 2006
Other volumes in this series
Magic in the Wind (reissue solo with bonus chapter)
Wicked and Wondrous (contains Twilight before Christmas & After the Music)

The Ghost Walker Series (Action/Thriller)

Shadow Game 2003
Mind Game 2004
Night Game 2005

Stand Alone Novels

The Scarletti Curse (this is not a Dark series but is connected to Dark Symphony)
Lair of the Lion 2002

Christmas Stories

Anthology: A very Gothic Christmas (contains After the Music) 2001
Twilight Before Christmas (see Drake Series) 2003
Wicked and Wondrous (contains Twilight before Christmas & After the Music – Drake Series) 2004
Anthology: The Shadows of Christmas Past (contains Rocky Mountain Miracle) 2004

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