The Complete Guide to Buying Affordable Nintendo Wii Accessories

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The Complete Guide to Buying Affordable Nintendo Wii Accessories

Created in 2006, the Nintendo Wii was a revolutionary games console that got players up off the sofa and interacting with the games. Since its inception it has become a family friendly games console and one of the most popular ever released. To further the gaming experience, Nintendo developed a range of accessories to work alongside the console. Such accessories are detailed in this guide and can be regularly found eBay.

Wii Remote Plus

The Wii Remote was a critically well-received device and the perfect accompaniment to the Wii console. However, that didn't stop Nintendo looking to further the functionality of the accessory. The Wii Remote Plus comes with a built-in motion sensor and communicates with the sensor bar at a faster rate; this results in increased sensitivity and precision when playing games.

Wii Motion Plus

If the remote still isn't providing the response required, gamers can pick up a Wii Motion Plus adapter to further the responsiveness of the controller.

Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro

One of the features that made the Wii so successful was the Virtual Console software, which allowed users to play classic Nintendo games. The Classic Controller allows gamers to play such titles in the way that they were meant to be played. Taking inspiration from the NES, SNES and N64 controllers, the Classic Controller adds a retro touch to an otherwise modern gaming setup.

The Classic Controller Pro features added grips on both sides of the controller, while the ZL and ZR buttons have been moved to under the L and R buttons. It's these subtle changes that further the gaming experience when playing all that the Virtual Console has to offer.

Wii Balance Board

Upon the release of Wii Sports, an active-play trend began. It is this trend that led to the release of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus. Two games that have brought keep fit activities into the living room, but in order to utilise them to their fullest gamers should invest in a Wii Balance Board. The Wii Balance Board serves as the perfect accompaniment to Wii Fit's extensive array of dynamic physical activities.

Wii Speak

Created for use with the Wii Speak Channel and Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City. The Wii Speak accessory picks up the speech of not only the player, but also everyone else in the room. Meaning that a single player experience can be turned into a family fun game in a matter of moments. It also allows users to communicate with each other over the Internet without the need of a gaming headset.

Wii Nunchuck

The Wii Nunchuck is an accessory that works with and plugs directly into the Wii remote. It allows gamers to have extra control when playing Wii Nunchuck compatible games. The small additional controller allows gamers to have the use of extra buttons, additional motion sensor and an added joystick. The Wii Nunchuck adds a new dimension to the Wii gaming experience.

Wii Zapper

First person shooting games are some of the biggest selling titles on the Nintendo Wii console. Even though the Wii remote provides excellent control for such games, there is an accessory that makes the gun motion even more realistic. Allowing users to combine the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuck in one casing, the Wii Zapper replicates the look of futuristic weapon while offering users easier control.

Wii Wheel

With the Nintendo Wii offering a wide variety of racing games, it only makes sense that there is a steering wheel accessory available. The Wii Wheel housing for the Wii Remote allows gamers to feel like they are getting behind the wheel of their favourite go-cart or car.

Wii Lens Cleaning Kit

After periods of extended use, the Nintendo Wii disc laser may become dirty, and when this is the case video and game playback may be affected. In order to stop this from happening Nintendo developed the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit. When used, it will clean the disc-reading lens and ensure that playback of discs remains smooth and fluid.

Wii LAN Adapter

Most people will utilise the Nintendo Wii's inbuilt wireless connector to access the Internet. However, those who prefer a traditional wired connection haven't been left out, as Nintendo have created a specialist Wii LAN Adapter just for such a purpose. Simply connect the Wii LAN Adapter to the rear of the console, plug in a router connected broadband cable, and enjoy full access to the Nintendo Wii's online functions.

How to Buy Nintendo Wii Accessories on eBay

Start your search for Nintendo Wii accessories by logging onto eBay's homepage and selecting theVideo Games and Consoles category and Accessories subcategory. This will show all relevant listings and allow shoppers to browse freely. In order to get more detailed results shoppers can try using the keyword search bar found at the top of every eBay page. Enter a search term, i.e. "Nintendo Wii Zapper" and hit return; this will bring up a selection of listings related to such term.

After finding the right accessory and winning a relevant auction, shoppers will need to complete the checkout process. It is advised that shoppers do this via PayPal in order to make sure that the transaction is covered should something go wrong.


The Nintendo Wii on its own is a games console that provides families with countless hours of entertainment. Gamers can take the experience to the next level by utlising one or more of Nintendo's officially endorsed accessories. When looking for Nintendo accessories there are very few retailers who offer better range and value than eBay.

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