The Complete Guide to Buying Billet Wheels for Your Motorcycle

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The Complete Guide to Buying Billet Wheels for Your Motorcycle

A great choice over the steel variety, billet wheels consist of solid aluminium. Motorcycle riders love billet wheels, or forged wheels, due to their light weight and customisable, computer-fabricated designs. Although more expensive than other types, billet wheels offer better performance on the road.

Whether you are looking to replace damaged parts or simply want to purchase a set of custom wheels to enhance a motorcycle's appearance, you can find a wide array of sizes and styles in the market. When purchasing billet wheels, the buyer should take the time to study the benefits, wheel size and placement, and proper maintenance in order to make an informed decision.

Custom Motorcycle Wheels

Billet wheels are a great option for riders looking to replace stock parts on their motorcycles. In addition to enhancing the motorcycle's appearance, custom billet wheels allow for self-expression. Billet wheels are available in many colours, designs, and several types of construction.

Those who prefer the look and performance of billet wheels but are looking for a less expensive alternative should consider pre-designed and manufactured wheels for different makes and models. Although this decreases the amount of input the rider has in overall customisation, purchasing aftermarket wheels right off the shelf greatly increases cost savings.

Benefits of Billet Wheels

Billet wheels are generally stronger than cast rims mainly because their grain structure is the same as that of the parent metal, and the manufacturers can select an aluminium alloy based on its strength. As such, there are no porosity issues to account for, lessening the chance of minute air bubbles within the metal. Billet wheels are also more lightweight in design, resulting in superior performance. This is especially advantageous in cornering, allowing riders to launch harder and brake faster. In addition to their strength and light weight, billet wheels are aesthetically pleasing, and manufacturers can produce them to consumer specifications.

Aspects to Consider When Buying Billet Wheels for Your Motorcycle

There are many aspects to consider when you are searching for billet wheels, and these include wheel size and proper placement. It is important to keep in mind these factors to ensure safe riding practices.

Wheel Size

Wheels are available in sizes spanning from 15-inch to 30-inch diameter. When searching for billet wheels, the buyer should make certain he is purchasing the right wheel size for his motorcycle, as wheel sizes vary significantly. This entails taking the measurements of old wheels and informing the vendor about the type of motorcycle for which one is considering the billet wheels. If the buyer is unsure about how to measure, he should check with the manufacturer, a trusted mechanic, or refer to the owner's manual before customising the wheels. Most wheel vendors specify the bikes for which the wheel is a fit. If you are planning to customise a motorcycle with billet wheels that require changes to the forks, braking, or other safety systems, it is important to seek professional assistance. This is crucial, as using incompatible wheels can lead to many problems, including poor grip and handling.

To avoid damage, the buyer should match the size of the tyre with the wheel, and he should make note of the rim width value on the type. If the wheel is too narrow for the tyre, the tyre profile can malfunction and cause the loss of footprint. The tyre may also rub against the motorcycle, resulting in further damage. Conversely, if the wheel is too wide for the tyre, the rider may have difficulty mounting the tyre.

Wheel Placement

Buyers should note that front and rear billet wheels are not interchangeable. As such, each wheel is engineered for a specific undertaking. The rear wheel carries most of the bike's, rider's, and any saddlebag's weight, while the front wheel handles most of the braking and the actual turning motion.

Wheel Consideration

It is important to consider all of the aspects when purchasing billet wheels. Failure to do so can result in ill fitting billet wheels that can be dangerous to the rider.

Considerations When Purchasing Billet Wheels

Factors to Consider

Wheel Size

Wheel sizes between 15 and 30 inches

Take measurements carefully

Take notice of rim width

Wheel Placement

Front and rear billet wheels not interchangeable

Back billet wheel carries most of the weight and need to be strong

By using the chart above consumers can ensure that they choose the correct billet wheel for their motorcycle.

Billet Wheel Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the billet wheels is of utmost importance, as wheels attract dirt and debris. Over time, the aluminium can start looking dull and scratched if the owner does not take adequate care. While there are many care kits available, depending on wheel type and material, motorcycle owners should select one that caters to the needs of their bikes.

An easy way to clean billet wheels is to completely remove them from the motorcycle. This allows motorcycle owners the ability to reach the sides and the insides of the wheels that might otherwise be hard to clean. Using a terrycloth towel, soap, and water, the owner should first remove the dirt or debris on the wheels. Next, he should apply a small amount of buffing compound or polish to a canvas or cloth buff, and rub it on the wheels in a clockwise motion followed by a counterclockwise motion. The owner should then remove the polish from the wheels and dry the wheel with a terrycloth towel. If need be, he can then add coats of polish, following the same guidelines.

How to Buy Billet Wheels for Your Motorcycle on eBay

When browsing for billet wheels on eBay, you should pay close attention to the description of the item that you are interested in buying. Although you may choose a listing just by the photos, you should always read the detailed item information before making a purchase. Sellers must use standard terminology to describe the condition of items. The listing should include the size of the wheels as well as other pertinent information.

By analysing detailed seller ratings and reading reviews from past customers, you can decide on a particular seller. With so many billet wheels to choose from on eBay, you are sure to find the perfect customisable pair for your bike.

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