The Complete Guide to Buying Clothes for Jogging

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The Complete Guide to Buying Clothes for Jogging

Jogging is a widespread past time that has for many years helped people across the world stay fit and healthy. Jogging is popular because it doesn’t require specialist equipment; comfortable tracksuit or sweatpants are reasonably low cost for a beginner to purchase. As a jogger becomes more experienced they can upgrade to running specific clothes. This guide will look at clothing specifically for female joggers and suggest how to search for and buy women’s jogging clothes on eBay.

History of Jogging

The word ‘jogging’ was first used around the 16th century to describe quick movements or a gentle run. In the early twentieth century jogging was used to describe a form of exercise named ‘roadwork’, this was when athletes such as boxers would run for several miles a day to improve their condition. Jogging became a popular group activity in the mid 1960’s and has since been a popular way to keep fit and healthy for both men and women.

History of the Tracksuit

Tracksuit bottoms were the earliest type of sporting clothing to use a mixture of synthetic fibre. Tracksuits were originally uniforms for sports teams, the colours were mostly dark greys or the team’s colours.

Tracksuit bottoms differ to other sports clothing due to the elastic waistband. Tracksuits and tracksuit bottoms have become hugely popular the world over due to their comfort factor and casual look. Other names for tracksuit bottoms are sweatpants.

Tracksuit bottoms have changed little over the last thirty years; their original design is still hugely effective for those who jog in cooler weather. The designs will vary and more colours are available now than ever before. Tracksuit bottoms will vary in quality and material depending on the brand such as Adidas. Tracksuit tops are lose, comfortable tops that zip up to the chin. These tops can be bought separately to the tracksuit bottoms or in a set.

What to Look for In Jogging Clothing

When looking for clothing for jogging the buyer may wish to consider some important aspects. The following points will help the buyer make their purchasing decision:

· Weather: the season and type of weather will greatly impact the type of clothing needed when jogging. The type of clothing needed for rain and hot weather are very different and the buyer will wish to think on what times and weather they are likely to be jogging in. Cooler weather joggers will need to wear items such as hats, windproof running jackets and insulating running tights. Jogging in the early morning or night time will require brighter clothing or reflective items to make the jogger visible to traffic and other people.

· Comfort: comfort is the biggest factor when selecting jogging clothing, the buyer should avoid anything that is too tight and makes them feel self-conscious. Specialist running clothing will have concealed seams and be made from breathable fabrics that can make the jogging process more comfortable for the jogger.

· Material & Layers: the range of materials for jogging clothing is vast and the buyer may wish to consider carefully what type they choose. Some materials are designed to maintain heat; these will be useful for running in cooler conditions. Quick drying materials will be suited for running in wet conditions. Spandex is a popular material as it feels like a second skin and is lightweight. It is advised for the jogger to dress in thin layers which they can remove when they get too hot.

· Budget: The buyer’s personal budget may also impact on the type of running clothing chosen. Beginner joggers may wish to purchase only a few basic items until they find out what they need/want from their clothing.

Different Types of Jogging Clothes for Women

The range of jogging clothes is wide and a certain type may be overlooked by someone new to jogging. Clothing for jogging will have features such as flat seams that prevent chafing, and also may be made from synthetic materials that draw sweat away from the body. The following table covers the complete set of jogging clothing needed for average running conditions of no rain or wind:

Sports Bra

This is the first piece of clothing that any female jogger must invest in. A good fitting sports bra will reduce impact on the body whilst supporting in the needed places. A sports bra is not adjustable like normal bras so the correct size needs to be purchased. Some bras will have removable padding and this is advantageous for those who change their running style regularly. Most sports bras will need to be replaced after 75 washes or if the jogger’s weight changes significantly.

Sports T-shirt/Tank Top

Sleeveless garments are ideal as these will prevent a build-up of sweat around the arm area. Any type of t-shirt will be good for a beginner, but a looser fit is better as this gives the jogger more movement. Cotton is not advisable as it will weigh down the more the jogger sweats.

Tracksuits/Tracksuit Bottoms

These are ideal for cooler runs and for beginner runners. Some experienced runners find that they are too heavy and not streamlined enough but this is down to personal preference as well as budget.

Running Shorts/Pants

For joggers who prefer something more close fitting, running shorts come in a variety of lengths and materials, most will be designed to wick away any excess moisture whilst keeping the jogger warm/cool depending on the weather.


Any normal sock will not be ideal for running as blisters can occur due to rubbing. Running socks will have two layers and prevent friction which stops blisters from forming.

Running Shoes

The most important piece of running kit will be good fitting, running shoes. These must fit the jogger’s foot and style of running closely to prevent blisters and discomfort over a long period of time. Running shoes should be replaced regularly.

Buying Jogging Clothes on eBay

The choice of jogging clothes available on line is far greater than what can be found in local sports shops. The variety available online offers the buyer a wider choice; they can view several items side by side in the comfort of their own home. eBay offers the buyer the chance to view different sizes, styles and brands of jogging clothing without the hassle of spending time in a shop.

The following advice and steps will help the buyer navigate eBay with no hassle:

· Start a basic search on eBay by entering a clothing item such as ‘women’s sweatpants’ or ‘sports bra’ into the search bar. This will yield a lot of listings that match the search term.

· The buyer can also choose to browse the categories by selecting Fashion on the homepage and then Women’s Clothing and then Sportswear. The buyer can select options such as size and brand for jogging clothing.

· Another good way to purchase clothing for jogging is to browse the eBay deals. These latest deals will offer the buyer a quick purchasing choice as well as swift postage and good discounted options.

· When looking at the different listings on eBay the buyer should look at the description carefully and weigh up the cost of the postage. They should also look closely at the size of the garment especially if it is in USA or European sizes. Don’t hesitate to contact the seller if unsure about any aspects such as type of postage or payment method.


The correct jogging gear will make the run more pleasant and help the buyer feel more comfortable. Jogging is a budget form of exercise that yields many benefits such as weight loss and toning. Items such as jogging socks will prevent any discomfort when jogging and the fashion conscious jogger can buy many clothing items in their favourite brand.

eBay is the ideal platform to purchase the essential clothing for jogging, the range of sportswear is extensive and ever increasing.

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