The Complete Guide to Buying Comfortable Flats for the Summer

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The Complete Guide to Buying Comfortable Flats for the Summer

As spring ends the weather starts to warm up, meaning it is time for all women to assess their summer wardrobe. An essential part of any woman’s wardrobe is shoes.

One great pair of shoes to consider for the summer is comfortable flats. Practical, stylish and easy to wear, flats won’t break the bank balance and there are endless possibilities of different designs, colours, and aesthetics.

One place to purchase comfortable summer flats is eBay. eBay house both new and used shoes for all manner of buyers.

This guide offers practical advice on how to buy comfortable flats for the summer time.

Different Types of Flats Available

Before purchasing a pair of flats it is necessary to undertake adequate research to find the type of comfortable flat shoe to suit a buyer’s purposes. Here is a list of the different types of summer flat shoes available.


Sandals are open-air shoes that are typically made up of a series of straps that are strategically located to hold a base to the sole of the foot. They are often made out of a number of different materials, including rubber, wood or leather. The straps mostly fit around or through the toes. Sandals do come in high heels as well as flats.


Ballerina flats are a closed toe slip on shoe. They fit neatly around the base of the foot and are available in a wide range of different styles, colours, patterns, and fabrics. The choice is literally endless. It is possible to purchase ballerina flat shoes specifically designed for comfort, with additional padding and support.

Peep Toe Flats

Peep toe flats are similar to ballerina flats, but they offer a small hole at the front of the shoe for the toe to peep through.

Fit of the Shoe

When it comes to purchasing comfortable flats for the summer months, the most important factor to take into consideration is the fit of the shoe. Without the correct fit, the shoe will not be comfortable. When approaching the fit of the shoe, it is important to take the following points into consideration:

· Take measurements for both the length and width of one’s feet. This will provide accurate advice on the size of shoe required.

· Be sure to be standing when measuring one’s feet. This will offer the most accurate reading of one’s measurements. One is after all, standing the majority of the time when wearing shoes.

· Remember to measure both feet, as one foot is often longer than the other.

· Most shoe shops will offer a measurement service. If buying online, it is possible to measure one’s own feet. To do this simply:

o   Stand on a piece of paper and measure around one’s foot.

o   Cut this foot out of the paper.

o   Draw a line between the two outmost points (width) and two length most points (length).

o   Take the measurements of these lines (traditionally these are measured in inches. Be sure to convert if measuring in centimetres).

o   Apply these measurements to the sizing chart.

Size Chart

Different countries have different sizing charts. Remember to take this into consideration when buying new shoes. The following table gives a basic over view of different sizes:











































Please note these are estimate sizes only. Depending on the different type of brand will determine the actual fit of the shoe. It is possible to purchase a pair of shoes in one brand that are a different size to another.

Buying Considerations for Comfortable Flats

Once the style of shoe is chosen and the size of the feet are determined, it is time to address other factors involved in purchasing a pair of comfortable summer flats. These are:

· Comfort of the shoe: It is important to ensure that the shoe is indeed comfortable. This can be achieved by addressing the following points:

o   Is there adequate padding in the sole of the shoe to cushion the foot?

o   Does the shape of the shoe provide enough room for the toes to sit naturally? Typically the rounder the toe of the shoe, the more room there will be for the toes.

o   The material of the shoe will determine how the shoe feels against the skin. A cheaper material can cause chafing or uncomfortable rubbing, as well as stop the foot from breathing, causing unsightly odour.

· Cost: Ultimately, the cost of the shoe will be one of the deciding factors in the decision. Be sure to set a realistic budget and understand that often quality is associated with cost. Don’t forget to include any incidental costs like postage into the budget.

· Brand: Some brands are more expensive than others because of their name. Take this into consideration when purchasing. Also, if a brand has proved comfortable and practical in the past, apply this to the current shoe buying expedition. Repeat business is a great way to ensure comfort and style is achieved first time round.

How to Buy Flats on eBay

eBay’s extensive range of products makes it the perfect choice for purchasing flat summer shoes. Not only that, but the range includes both new and pre-loved shoes in myriad different colours, styles, designs, and aesthetics. There will be the right flats to match anyone’s needs, want and budget. The following points provide a starting point for all shoppers engaging with eBay:

· Searching: The first point of call is to search the site for the shoes. This can be done any number of ways. The easiest is by using the keyword search, located to the top of every page. Alternatively, it is possible to complete an advance search or by browsing the categories.

· Checking the Product: Once the shoes have been chosen, be sure to check them over for suitability. The easiest way to do this is by reading the description provided by the seller and cross-referencing it with the photograph. Ask the seller for more information if a buyer requires to know anything else.

· Exchange and Refund: While all eBay sellers are customer focused, do take time to read their refunds and exchange policy. This will ensure that if there are any issues a buyer will have an understanding of the process to follow. Of course, eBay offer an extensive Buyer Protection Policy.

· eBay Deals: eBay deals are a sister site to eBay. They offer different deals all year round. Be sure to check if there are any eBay deals on summer flat shoes.

· Additional Information. eBay provide additional information on all of the above on their buyer tips page.


Comfortable flat shoes are the perfect choice of shoes for the summer months. With the vast array of different styles and designs available on the market, in the many different aesthetics, there is something for all personalities and budgets.

When it comes time to purchase, this can be done by paying with a credit or debit card or by using PayPal. PayPal are a third party company that will facilitate the exchange.

eBay’s extensive range of shoes makes it the perfect site to shop on. Not only that, but eBay is safe and secure, and delivers direct to the shopper’s front door.

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