The Complete Guide to Buying Girl’s Dresses for the Winter

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The Complete Guide to Buying Girl’s Dresses for the Winter

The winter months can get chilly, and wearing a dress in a cozy fabric is a great way for girls to stay warm. Paired with thick woolen tights and a warm coat, girls of all ages can ensure that they are protected from the cold throughout the winter.

Shopping online on websites such as eBay for winter dresses for girls is a great and affordable option. There is a wide range of styles available and it is easy to select fabrics which are suitable for cooler weather, such as denim, wool, and jersey. Long sleeved dresses with characters such as Minnie Mouse or Peppa Pig are popular choices for small children, whereas casual long-sleeved jersey dresses by Abercrombie and Fitch will go down well with style conscious older girls.

What Styles of Girl’s Dresses are Best for Winter?

There are many different styles of girl’s dresses to choose from, but some are more suitable for the winter than others. Girls need to stay warm, so avoid very short or sleeveless styles, although a long sleeved top could be worn under a sleeveless dress or pinafore to make it suitable for the winter months.

The following styles are the best ones to choose for the winter, as they will ensure that girls feel warm and cozy:

Whether opting for a knitted Ralph Lauren jumper dress or a casual jersey dress, winter dresses are a great way to keep cozy when it gets cold outside.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Girl’s Dress for the Winter

When shopping for a girl’s dress for the winter, heading online is the best option. Websites such as eBay have a wide range of dresses to choose from at affordable prices to suit all budgets. The following factors should be considered when shopping for a winter dress:


Why to Consider


The dress should not be too long as it can trail in the rain or snow.


Long sleeved styles are best, although some short sleeved or sleeveless dresses can be combined with a long sleeved top or cardigan for winter wear.


The material should be thick enough to be cozy – wool or woolen blends will offer the most protection from the cold.


Darker colours are best for winter such as berry red, navy, green and black although vibrant blues and reds also look great teamed with darker tights and coats.


How much is available to spend and will a used or new dress be purchased?  Both used and new dresses can be found on websites such as eBay.

It is also important to think about when the dress will be worn. A woolen dress that is hand wash only may not be suitable for wearing in the snow or for activities at school or nursery, as it may become marked or stained.

Choosing Warm Fabrics for Winter

When choosing the right fabric for winter dresses, it is all about warmth. Some girls may find wool dresses too itchy, so opt for softer cashmere blends if this is the case. Natural fibers such as wool and cashmere are cozy and will help girls to keep warm when it is cold outside.

It is best to avoid fabrics such as silk, cotton or chiffon as these are very thin and will do little to keep girls warm. However, layering a thinner dress with a jumper or cardigan is an option during those rare warmer days during the winter months. Long sleeved jersey dresses can look great with thick tights and winter boots or pumps for cold, rainy or snowy weather and can be found on websites such as eBay.

What Colours Look Best for the Winter?

Whilst darker colours are best for the winter, it is also possible to get away with bright colours such as red and green for Christmas time. Here are some of the best colours to choose for the winter – it is possible to find dresses in these colours online and eBay has a great selection to choose from:

Girls can wear any colours they like in the winter, but with the darker, colder weather, many people prefer to wear more subtle colours rather than brighter shades. Darker colours also show marks less so when it is raining and snowing clothing will stay looking good.

Purchasing Accessories for Winter Outfits

When shopping for girl’s dresses for the winter, there are some accessories that will be needed. Dresses leave legs exposed to the cold, so tights, leggings or jeans will require to be worn underneath. By shopping online on websites such as eBay, a huge range of hosiery, leggings, and jeans can be found to suit all tastes, so it is easy to select accessories to match the dress.

A cardigan is another good purchase to wear with a winter dress – cardigans can be cropped in a shrug style or longer length, ideal to wear over shorter dresses. A wide selection of girl’s cardigans in pretty colours can be found on eBay, from pretty Gymboree knits to basic knitted cardigans in neutral shades of gray and black.

Should you Buy Used or New Girl’s Dresses?

Choosing whether to buy used or new girl’s dresses is a personal decision that will largely depend upon the individual’s budget. If looking for a branded item such as a Lacoste dress, it may often be more affordable to choose a used dress – eBay has a wide range of used girl’s dresses to choose from at very reasonable prices. It is possible to find bulk lots of used girl’s dresses to save even more money.

How Buy Girl’s Dresses for the Winter on eBay

For an easy way to buy girl’s dresses for the winter, head to eBay, where there is a wide range available to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets. Visit eBay and head for the drop-down menu marked ‘Shop by Category’ which is located at the left-hand side of the page. Click to open up a list of categories and scroll down to Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Click on ‘more’ and then select Girl’s Clothing. In the categories listed on the left-hand side of the page, it is possible to choose the type of clothing, in this case, Dresses.

Because there are so many different styles and brands of girl’s winter dresses to choose from, it can be helpful to narrow a search using a certain term if looking for something specific. By typing the words related to the search, such as ‘Red Knitted Dress’ into the main search box, a list of all the available items will be shown.


Girl’s dresses for the winter come in a wide range of styles, materials and sizes to suit all tastes and budgets, whether you are looking for a simple long sleeved jumper dress or a Disney knitted dress. For winter, girl’s dresses should be made from a cozy material such as wool or cashmere, to ensure that they are warm enough when it gets cold outside.

eBay always has some great deals on girl’s dresses for the winter, and it is easy to find the perfect dress by using the search features. Whether looking for something specific or simply browsing to see what is available, buying winter dresses on eBay is a great option for those looking to find the latest fashions for less.

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