The Complete Guide to Buying MP3 Player Cases on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying MP3 Player Cases on eBay

MP3 players are delicate devices that are easily damaged, but there are a number of precautions that can be taken to ensure that a device is adequately protected. The least expensive way to protect an MP3 player is to buy a suitable case, and there are a large variety of cases available offering different features.

This guide shall examine the different materials used to manufacture MP3 cases, and the additional features some cases provide. The guide will also detail on how to find a suitable MP3 player case on eBay, as the site has a large selection of new and used cases for sale at very reasonable prices.

MP3 Player Cases

MP3 player cases are not universal, so buyers need to search for protective covers and cases made specifically to fit their device. This is important, as an iPhone Touch cover will be much too big for an iPhone Nano, and the device could slip out when in use. Prices for MP3 player cases start very low, and it’s possible to buy a cover for less than five dollars.

However, these covers will provide a minimum amount of protection, so buyers are generally better off spending a bit more money. Both MP3 player manufactures and independent companies make cases for use with specific devices, so buyers have a large market to choose from.

MP3 Player Case Materials

Cases for portable music players can be made from a number of different materials, and these will provide varying levels of protection. The material used in the manufacturing of an MP3 player case will influence the price, so buyers should spend some time thinking about what would be most suitable for them. Below are the most popular materials used to make MP3 player cases:


This is an extremely popular as well as inexpensive casing material, and will offer a reasonable amount of protection. Silicone cases have a rubbery texture, and will absorb shock if the MP3 player is dropped. Cases made from this material are form fitting, and are available in a variety of colours, designs and patterns.


Leather is another popular material, but cases made from this will be considerably more expensive than the silicone options. Leather does not offer the same amount of shock absorption, but is generally more durable and longer lasting than silicone. Leather cases are also considerably more stylish than silicone options, and are very flexible.


Metal MP3 player cases provide excellent protection, and will stop the device from becoming scratched or damaged if dropped. Buyers should look for metal cases with rubber or felt padding as this increases the absorption rate. Metal MP3 player cases can be bought for very low prices, but buyers are advised to consider the more expensive options, as many of the less costly models offer minimum protection.

Hard Shell Plastic

Hard shell plastic cases are one of the best options buyers can purchase, and they offer a high level of protection and shock absorption. These cases are moulded to exact dimensions so it’s a good idea for buyers to search for models made by their MP3 player manufacture. Hard plastic shell covers are inexpensive, and come in a variety of colours and designs.


Neoprene is a synthetic rubber used to make wetsuits. It is also a very suitable fabric to use for MP3 player case manufacturing, and provides a similar amount of protection as silicone cases. Neoprene is extremely lightweight, form fitting and reasonably comfortable against skin, and because of this it is the number one most popular MP3 player case used in the gym.

Natural Fabrics

There are also a number of natural fabrics used to make MP3 player cases, with cotton and linen being two of the more popular. However, buyers should be aware that natural fabrics offer the bare minimum amount of protection, and are mainly used for aesthetic purposes.

Buyers who are primarily concerned with the visual aspects of the case can consider buying models made from natural fabrics as these are often uniquely woven and designed, and come in a large range of colours.

MP3 Player Case Features

Most cases should have some level of shock absorption and scratch resilience, but there are a number of additional features that can increase the protection or comfort, or be of benefit to the player itself.

Waterproof Cases

Waterproof cases provide excellent protection against water damage and the majority of these utilise a floating design that stops the MP3 player from sinking. However, the majority of waterproof cases prevent the user from listening to the device, as there are no openings. An opening for a headphone cable could easily let water in. Waterproof cases are available with lanyards, so the case can be work around the neck, or as armbands.

Armband Cases

As the name suggests, these are worn around the upper arm, and as previously mentioned, are generally made from neoprene. Armband cases are ideal to wear when exercising and keep the MP3 player in place.

Second Battery

Some MP3 player cases come with a second battery built into the casing, and this can extend, or in some cases double the life of the device’s battery. Cases with a second battery are great for buyers on holiday as they reduce the need for an electrical main to charge the player.

Inbuilt Speakers

Buyers are also able to purchase cases which have inbuilt speakers that provide amplification. These cases are generally made from hard plastic and have a dial on the side that allows the user to control the volume. Buyers should search for cases with large speakers as these offer better sound quality.

Buying MP3 Player Cases on eBay

eBay has a large assortment of MP3 players made from a number of different materials and offering a range of additional features. The cases sold on eBay are generally less expensive than those found in shops, and buyers can choose from official cases made by MP3 manufactures to independent companies who specialise in portable music device cases. To find a suitable model, head to and take the following steps:

· Click on the Electronic heading, which is found to the left of the search bar. On the following page, scroll down and click on the MP3 Player Accessories link.

· Next, click on the Cases, Covers, & Skins link found in the ‘Categories’ table. This will load the ‘Cases’ listing page, and from here buyers can type the name of the desired case into the search bar and press enter. If looking for a specific MP3 player case, or certain features then remember to enter this information into the search.

· The iPod Type filter allows buyers to list cases for specific iPods only, including Touch, Nano, and Classic.

· Buyers are advised to check the ‘Description’ box on the item page of a listing for details regarding features and measurements.

· The eBay Deals section of the site contains numerous MP3 accessories for sale at reduced prices, and buyers should check here for cases that are on special offer. To access the relevant area click on the ‘Deals’ link at the top of the page followed by the Audio title found in the Electronics tab.


It’s a good idea to buy an MP3 player case for one’s MP3 player, as this will keep the device protected and safe, even if it is dropped or left loose in a bag. Cases can be made from a number of different materials and this will influence how well protected the device is. Buyers should spend some time thinking about which material would be best for them, and if they need any additional features such as an armband holder

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