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The Complete Guide to Buying Suzuki Wheels

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The Complete Guide to Buying Suzuki Wheels
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The Complete Guide to Buying Suzuki Wheels

Riding a motorbike gives the sensation of ultimate freedom and is also a matter of personal style. As bikes can squeeze through traffic jams effortlessly, many people use them as their primary means of transport. Suzuki is a flagship of the motorbike industry, and its bikes are renowned and loved all over the world. To keep a Suzuki bike going for longer or to customise it, it is possible to buy new or used Suzuki wheels via eBay, or in various motorbike stores. There are many things to consider when looking for Suzuki bike wheels, including the wheel type and condition, as well as material and customising options.

Types of Suzuki Wheels

The wheels of any motorbike contain a rim, the outer metal part that supports the rubber tyre. The wheels are categorised into types, according to the structure of the rim and the parts attached to it. In terms of wheels, there are forged, spoke, and custom cut wheels available.

Forged Suzuki Wheels

Forging is a process that takes place at very high temperatures. Hammering heats and shapes the metal. Accordingly, forged wheels are made of one piece of metal. As a result, such wheels are very durable and reliable. Cast magnesium is the most common material used for this type of wheel.

Spoke Suzuki Wheels

Spokes are the wire rods or bars that connect the rim to the centre of the wheel. Spokes, which are usually made from steel, can be placed in various patterns, so spoke wheels for Suzuki motorbikes can be rather decorative.

Custom Cut Suzuki Wheels

Custom cut wheels are the most expensive ones because the design is selected by the customer, after which the wheels are either forged or built, according to the design. These wheels give the most freedom of choice, but also require good designs and more money.


It is important to consider the different types of Suzuki wheels that are available before purchasing. Each type of tyres has its own benefits to motorbike riders

Type of Suzuki Wheels


Forged Suzuki Wheels

Very strong and reliable

Made from a single piece of metal

Made from cast magnesium

Spoke Suzuki Wheels

Includes spokes made from steel


Very decorative

Custom Cut Suzuki Wheels

Made according to the customer requirements

Made from aluminum

Allows the customer to have complete freedom over the design

The chart above shows the differences between the types of Suzuki wheels available.

Things to Consider when Buying Suzuki Wheels

Besides choosing the perfect type of wheel for a Suzuki motorbike, there are other factors to consider. These include the finish and condition of the wheel, the Suzuki motorbike model, and the location of the wheel on the bike. As wheels are relatively hefty and expensive, it is best to choose them carefully.

Wheel Finish

The finish of the wheel contributes greatly to its appearance and thus also to the overall appearance of the motorbike. The finish refers to the surface of the wheel. A chrome finish looks silvery, and in essence it means that the metal has a chromium coating. Besides looking sleek, this material is corrosion-resistant and increases the hardness of the wheel. Cleaning is usually easier with chrome plating in place. A painted black finish can add a certain edge, while somewhat expensive platinum material can allow for a contrast cut finish that combines several colours.


Metal is a strong material, and therefore used wheels may well be in good condition. When buying used wheels, it is essential to check for any corrosion. The rim of the wheel should be round and without any punctures or noticeable dents. Minor scratches may not show from a distance or affect performance, but if one is attempting to upgrade a Suzuki bike, such faults should be avoided.

Matching the Model

Several different manufacturers make wheels for bikes, and a Suzuki motorbike can be equipped with a set of wheels not manufactured by Suzuki. In any case, it is important to check the model compatibility before buying. The specific Suzuki model, as well as the manufacturing year, play a significant role in determining whether the wheels fit or not.

Wheel Size

When the model is matched correctly, the wheel should be the right size and fully compatible with the motorbike. The rim diameter should match the tyre diameter. Besides the diameter, the rim width is often listed as well. There is some allowable variation when it comes to the wheel size, and wheels of different sizes all have their specific purposes. The larger the wheel, the larger tyres it can support. Narrower tyres wear faster because they have less area on which to support the weight of the bike and the rider. Wider tyres provide better traction and thus also a safer ride. Wider tyres absorb more of the impact and provide a smoother ride, although they make the bike heavier as well. In fact, a heavier bike may have its benefits, because it is less likely to be destabilised by wind and is generally easier to keep on the road. A shock absorber can also provide a smoother ride..

Matching the Wheel Location

Different wheel types are suitable for the front and rear of a bike. The purposes of each of the wheels are different, so it is important to buy the right wheel for the right wheel location. The front tyre for the front wheel is narrower, for optimised handling and steering, as well as for better braking. The rear tyre carries most of the motorbike's weight, as well as that of the rider. The rear wheel is wider so as to allow the bike to move forward easily.

How to Buy Suzuki Wheels on eBay

When looking for Suzuki wheels on eBay , type your search terms into the search box at the top of any eBay page. Then you can, if desired, filter the results by price, and also set the preferred condition. Look at any photos of the wheels carefully to determine what type of wheels are on offer: forged, spoke, or custom cut. Browse item details to find a wheel that is compatible with your Suzuki motorbike model, and pay attention to whether it is a front or rear wheel. On eBay, you may also be able to find deals on bikes and other bike-related items. With the right wheels and accessories, you can get the most satisfaction from your Suzuki motorbike.

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