The Complete Guide to Buying Unisex Costumes

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The Complete Guide to Buying Unisex Costumes

The wearing of a costume is often defined by a certain theme or style of party or occasion. For this reason, there are a number of different costumes that are made to suit both male and female wearers.

This makes it easier for couples who wish to share outfits, as well as those who wish to wear an androgynous costume, such as a doctor or an animal.

This androgyny means that there are a wide variety of unisex costumes on the market. This range is represented on auction sites like eBay, which provide those wishing to buy a unisex costume with the chance to do so affordably and sensibly. The following guide aims to show how.

Unisex Costumes: The Themes

Much like if one wanted to buy a male orientated or female orientated outfit, there are many different themes covered by unisex costumes. These many different themes of costume can be found on the likes of eBay at reasonable prices, and the site caters for all manners of costume occasion, such as a fancy dress party.

The following table lists and provides information on the different themes that are represented in the unisex costume market, focusing on the ones that are most popular:

Unisex Costume Theme


Uniform Costumes

Uniform costumes are those that portray the uniforms worn by people whilst working. Most popularly, the uniforms worn by emergency service personnel are found in the unisex market. Uniforms worn by the likes of doctors and policeman are commonly found on the likes of eBay.

Other occupations such as chefs and judges are also represented in the unisex costume market. The reason for this is that all these jobs are both male and female orientated, meaning that the costume can be purchased and worn by either a male or a female.


As far as unisex costumes go, the animal kingdom is probably the most widely portrayed. This is purely down to the fact that both men and can dress as animals, because the majority of the animal costumes available on the market are not gender specific. The range of animal costumes is extensive. The likes of cats, dogs, crocodiles, rabbits, lions, tigers, birds, fish and many more are all depicted in the form of unisex costumes. Most popularly these animal costumes will come in the form of ‘onesies’, which will be explained further on in the guide.

There are also much more detailed unisex animal costumes available from the likes of eBay, and their popularity means that there is a wide selection that are purchasable at affordable prices. Most animal costumes will also account for footwear, which is something that a number of other themed costumes do not. 

Film and Television Characters

Another popular theme for unisex costumes is that of actors and characters from the world of film and television. Whilst there are gender specific costumes for this theme, the likes of cartoon character costumes are also available. These are androgynous and fun to dress up as regardless of gender. The range of unisex costumes available from the film and television character theme is extensive and readily available on auction sites such as eBay.

Novelty Costumes

The term novelty costumes cover a wide range of themes. From the likes of holiday costumes designed for wear at Christmas or Easter to all in one ‘morph suits’, the choice is extensive. There are even costumes designed to represent food and drink that can be worn by both genders and are extremely popular amongst both of them. Whilst the name novelty costume is an umbrella term, there is a random assortment of costumes available as unisex that are given this name.

The Onesie

The onesie is probably the most popular form of unisex costume on the market. Originally designed as adult baby grows and then worn as pajamas, the onesie has been adopted by those who enjoy dressing in costume.

Most popularly, onesies are designed in to represent animal costumes and are available in the form of jungle animals, farmyard animals and even sea creatures. There are also themes adopted by onesie manufacturers, such as cartoon characters and novelty items.  

Unisex Costumes: Components and Accessories

Some costumes will be all in one costumes that can be zipped or fastened at the back, whereas other will have separate components. There also additional accessories that can be purchased to complete a unisex costume or to form a simpler version of a costume.

Examples of these are listed and detailed in this table:

Unisex Costume Components and Accessories



There are plenty of unisex masks available for purchase. These masks are made from a number of different materials, ranging from rubber, plastic or the more affordable but less detailed, cardboard. Some of these masks will simply cover the front of face and will have a small elastic strap to keep it in place. Others will be more elaborate and will cover the whole of the head. There is a certain design of horse head, full-face rubber mask that is very popular amongst unisex costume buyers for its comedy value.

Face Paint

Face paints are also a good way of adding to a unisex costume. They allow for the costume wearer to enhance the level of detail in a costume and can also be easily removed, especially those that are more water based.


Wigs are another popularly purchased accessory for unisex costumes. One of the reasons for this is that both genders enjoy dressing up as their opposing counterparts for costume parties. Furthermore, novelty costumes will often require a wig to add to the humour or the accuracy of the costume. There is a wide range of wigs available for different hairstyles and colours on the likes of eBay.

Buying a Unisex Costume on eBay

One of the best places to purchase a unisex costume is on an auction site like eBay. The site offers thousands of listings, not only of costumes in general, but also for those made especially as unisex.

To find these unisex costumes listings go to the Fashion (Clothing, Shoes and Accessories) section of the site and select the Costumes option. From there you will be able to see a number of filter tabs on the left hand side of the page. Choose the Unisex option. After this has been done, one can then use the remaining refinement tabs, as well as typing specific requirements into the keyword search bar to narrow the search to suit personal tastes. It is also worth checking the Deals section of eBay to try and find a bargain that have been chosen by eBay themselves.

When a unisex costume or costume accessory has been found, one can then use one of the three main buying options; making a Best Offer, Buy It Now or Bidding. These options all allow for an affordable and sensible price to be paid, and if used in conjunction with PayPal, a secure transaction, too.


Unisex costumes are found easily enough on sites like eBay. As well as being readily available, they are also affordable when using the site.

Remember to take into consideration the size of the costume, this goes especially for unisex costumes and the one size fits all element of their production may mean that they might be too large for smaller sized people and vice versa.

Furthermore, think about the conditions that the costume is to be worn in to ensure that one does not get too hot or cold whilst wearing it, and keep an eye out for the condition of the costume if buying used.

To ensure a simple and secure transaction, read eBay and PayPal’s terms and conditions before finalising a purchase.

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