The Complete Guide to Buying Wheels for Your Cruiser

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The Complete Guide to Buying Wheels for Your Cruiser

Cruisers are similar to street motorbikes but they tend to have a more comfortable, laid-back body and different handles. They look like older, American-style motorcycles like Harley-Davidson makes and are great for buyers who like to customise their bikes. The wheels are one of the easiest parts to customise. Buyers can choose from factory replacements, identical to those that were put on your bike by the manufacturer, or aftermarket wheels in different styles. There are a number of different aesthetic choices that buyers can make and it’s a good idea to understand all of the different options before settling on one type of wheel.

Factory Replacements vs. Aftermarket Wheels

If a wheel is damaged, buyers can replace it with either a factory replacement or aftermarket wheels. Factory replacements are original equipment from the manufacturer that offers handling and performance the same as the original wheels. Many people like to replace wheels with factory replacements because they are designed specifically for a particular motorcycle and thus are very safe and sure to be compatible. Aftermarket wheels come in all different shapes and sizes so buyers have to make sure they’re suitable. These wheels can upgrade performance by helping the bike handle speed and turns better. Aftermarket wheels can also change the look of a cruiser, adding a custom appearance riders appreciate.

Types of Wheels for Cruisers

Spoked Wheels

Spoked wheels are popular for cruisers because they have a cool, retro look that fits with the image of the old American cruiser. They also look like spoked bicycle wheels and use thin spokes to keep the rim balanced and supported. Some of them use tyres with tubes while others have tubeless tyres. Because the spokes hold tension, the rims can flex and tend to absorb shock better. This is preferable for anyone planning to ride on bumpy roads rather than smooth highways. Spokes can be hard to clean, however, and require a lot of maintenance if riding on dirt roads or other muddy areas. Any dirt, rust, or corrosion on the spokes or rim of these wheels warrants replacement.

Cast Alloy Wheels

Cast alloy wheels are made from aluminium alloys and typically have a chrome finish that can be cast in different styles and designs. They can also be made from magnesium alloys, which is a lighter metal. These wheels are very lightweight and easy to clean because they are solid. They don’t have spokes and they don’t work with tube-style tyres. They’re preferred for bikers who stick to paved streets.

Billet Wheels

These wheels are also solid and are usually carved out of a block of aluminium alloy. They can be produced with very intricate designs, but they tend to be very expensive, especially if a biker is looking for a custom design.

Carbon Fibre Wheels

Carbon Fibre Cruiser Wheels are also solid and are made from carbon fibre composite. Bikers like them because they are extremely lightweight and very strong, leading to improved speed and performance.

Buying Aftermarket Wheels

Purchasing aftermarket parts requires careful research and consideration. First, the wheels must be compatible with a bike for them to fit and operate safely. They also have to be the right size to work well with the other parts of the cruiser’s assembly. Bikers should contact the manufacturer of wheels before ordering to check to make sure they’ll fit and work correctly.


Aftermarket wheels can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Spoked wheels are usually the least expensive, while carbon fibre motorcycle wheels typically cost the most.


Riding a cruiser can be a very rewarding experience, but it should also be a safe one. Owners should always make sure to purchase certified products. Japanese Automotive Standards Association and German TUV certifications are very respected and will help to ensure that the wheels will perform safely with compatible bikes.

Aftermarket Wheel Brands

A number of different manufacturers provide aftermarket wheels. The type that buyers choose will depend largely on personal preferences as well as the type of cruiser he or she owns. These are some of the most reputable options for buyers interested in aftermarket wheels.


RevTech is a more affordable option than most for aftermarket wheels.

Paughco Chrome

This company makes wheels that fit a number of styles of Harley-Davidson and similarly sized bikes.


V-Twin makes a wide variety of Spoked wheels for affordable prices.

Performance Machine

Performance Machine is a premium manufacturer. They offer high-end parts and customised forged wheels.

Roland Sands

Roland Sands is another premium manufacturer that specialises in Chrome, Platinum and Black Ops customised wheels.

How to Buy Wheels for a Cruiser on eBay

eBay has a varied selection of both factory and aftermarket replacement motorcycle wheels. They have access to brand new models that are just hitting local stores, and they can choose from used wheels too. Individuals can make sure they’re dealing with reputable sellers by checking feedback ratings and comments, as well as check out the other product they’re selling. Someone with good ratings and a history of successful motorcycle wheel sales is likely a good source for alternative bike components.


The wheels that come on a motorcycle are generally safe to use, but there are benefits in aftermarket wheels too. When compatible, they can improve handling, performance, and style. Shoppers can find many varieties available on eBay.

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