The Complete Guide to Buying Workout Wear

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The Complete Guide to Buying Workout Wear

When it comes to the gym, women have it tough in terms of finding the right clothing. Whether a woman is new to the gym or an all-out fitness fanatic, they will need to have the right attire in order to keep a workout effective. Fitness attire should be of crucial importance to all women, as it’s crucial that the attire chosen aids performance.

The right workout wear can increase performance, which results in better gains and an improved workout. However, the wrong gear can have the opposite effect, and cause someone to underperform. When it comes to workout wear, eBay should be a woman’s first port of call, as they offer the best deals on women's clothing.


Most women tend to wear cotton clothing, and don’t realise that they’re adding unnecessary weight to their frame when they do this. Cotton clothing tends to absorb sweat, adding unnecessary strain to a workout routine. Women should be trying to lighten their workout attire by using breathable material that can wick moisture. The top three materials for workout attire are the following.

· Spandex

· Nylon

· Polyester

It doesn’t matter what type of training or fitness activity a woman is undertaking, choosing to wear one of the above materials will ensure comfort.

Shirts and Tops

They cover the top half of the body, and should be designed with perspiration prevention and airflow in mind.

· Should resemble a sports jersey or something that a professional athlete would feel comfortable wearing.

· Avoid cotton clothing at all costs.

· Should be able to wick moisture away with ease.

· Should be sleek in appearance, whilst offering room under the arms to avoid chafing.

· Various styles include T-shirts, V-necks and tank tops.

Shorts, Pants and Bottoms

Nothing receives more use when in the gym than a pair of bottoms. Whether shorts or pants are worn is entirely down to personal preference. However, women should make sure they wear something that doesn’t decrease motion or flexibility.

· Bottoms should have a snug fit that still has enough stretch to allow for easy movements.

· Zips and snaps around the ankle joint allow them to be easily put on and taken off in an instant.

· Elasticised grippers can improve the overall fit.

· High intensity exercise (such as running and cross-training) requires shorter shorts that have an extra element of added stretch.

· Shorts that have long inseams help reduce the possibility of chafing.

· Compression shorts are considered the premier form of workout bottoms. They offer advanced wicking features while using a multi-layer system, which neutralises the possibility of chafing.

· Avoid washing shorts or pants with fabric softeners, as it can be detrimental to the wicking abilities of synthetic fabrics.


It may seem obvious, but it is worth stating: women can’t wear a regular bra during exercise. It won’t provide adequate support, nor will it feel comfortable or aid performance. Women should always place importance on investing in the right bra, and it should always be a specially designed sports variation.

· Different sports bras are made with certain activities and cup sizes in mind.

· Intense exercise calls for either a compression or encapsulating sports bra.

· Ensure that the bra has a high level of support.

· If engaging in low impact exercise like yoga, a strict bra isn’t always necessary.

· Always work off the correct bust measurements, and don’t wear a sports bra that is ill fitting or the wrong size.


Of all items women have a tendency to undervalue, a correct pair of socks ranks highly. Always remember that no part of the body takes more abuse than the feet during exercise. It pays to take proper care of them by wearing the correct socks.

· Opt for socks that have wicking properties.

· They will keep the feet dry and prevent blisters.

· Extra benefits include padding in the heel and balls of the feet.

· A reinforced arch adds extra support to the ankle joints and calf muscles.

· When working out in colder conditions, woollen socks are a good option.


Swimming is an increasingly popular activity amongst women due to its health benefits. In order to get the best out of the activity the swimsuit should fit snugly, and thus reduce how much the water can drag a swimmer back. Women can opt for one of two options when looking to buy swimwear. These are:


They are one single piece of material that resembles a leotard. They allow for optimum freedom, while ensuring that the swimsuit remains in place. Try and find a swimsuit that has a razor back in order to ensure ease of movement when in the water.


Two-piece swimsuits are different as they feature a cropped top and a fitted bottom piece. They aren’t as streamlined and aren’t particularly good for water aerobics, but will suffice for a casual swim.


Exercising outside is a great way to make a fitness regime more adventurous. It is also a budgetary measure for those who can’t afford the gym. In instances such as this, it is beneficial to stay warm by owning an exercise jacket.

· The jacket should be lightweight and easy to store.

· Choose something that is water repellent and made of a breathable material.

· Added features for a lightweight jacket include mesh vents, zips, inner mesh lining, along with multiple pockets and pouches.

· Try and find a jacket that helps prevent moisture build-up.

· Windbreaker jackets are recommended for those who run regularly in cold and windy conditions.

How to Buy Workout Wear on eBay

Heading to the gym and staying fit is something all women should be doing. In order to get the best out of exercise, women need to be wearing the right attire. There is a wide variety of attire available, and there are several core elements to consider. eBay is a leading retailer in women’s workout wear and is sure to have something to suit women of all shapes and sizes.

· There is a wealth of workout wear for sale on eBay, to start looking at what’s listed, click on clothing, shoes, accessories while on eBay’s homepage.

· From there, click on women's clothing and sportswear.

· Shoppers will often want a set type of workout wear brand. To go about locating a brand, use the advanced search options.

Completing a Transaction

Don’t let the perfect piece workout attire slip away, so act fast doing one of the following on an auction listing:

· Place a Bid

· Make a Best Offer

· Buy it Now

When a shopper looks to pay for an item, they are advised to do so via PayPal. The reason for this is because of how they protect shoppers from any untoward issues with a transaction.


In the 21st century, fitness is a big deal, and for women it isn’t just about what exercises are done, it’s about doing it in the correct attire. Workout wear is much more than just a fashion statement; it allows women to get the best out of their body during exercise. Simply put, women should always approach workout wear with the utmost attention.

This guide will help women understand what attire is most effective, and how to get it at the best price on eBay, the world’s leading online marketplace.

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