The Complete Guide to Buying a 1TB Internal Hard Drive for Your Laptop

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The Complete Guide to Buying a 1TB Internal Hard Drive for Your Laptop

Many laptop owners look to replace their internal hard drive during some point of the device's lifespan. The internal hard drives found in laptops are generally quite limited, so replacing the component with a 1TB internal hard drive will greatly increase the amount of memory on the device. The following guide shall examine the various aspects buyers searching for a 1TB hard drive should be aware of, and explain how to find a suitable internal hard drive on eBay.

1TB Internal Hard Drive

As mentioned above, the majority of hard drives found in laptops are extremely limited in size. Although this is generally not a problem for people who just use their laptop for day-to-day tasks like web browsing, for people who need the laptop for work purposes there often isn't enough room on the device to store important software and documents. To combat this problem people install 1TB (terabyte) internal hard drives into their laptops, which gives the user a massive amount of space to work with.


The first thing buyers interested in buying such a part need to do is check that the hard drive will be compatible with their laptop. Although most laptops utilise the same design of hard drive, older laptops and those made by companies like Apple often feature uniquely designed components. Buyers need to check that the hard drive will physically fit into their laptop, as well as be recognised by the interface when the device is turned on.

Information regarding connectivity is usually kept in the description box on the item page of a listing, and buyers can use the Ask A Question feature to enquire about the hard drive's specifications. It's also a good idea to search for reviews of the hard drive as this will not only detail compatibility but also describe performance and the quality of the part.


Different hard drives run at different speeds, and how fast the hard drive runs will determine how quickly information and data is transferred from the drive to the laptop and back. The standard speed for laptop hard drives is 7200 revolutions per minute , and buyers should avoid any drive that operates at a lower speed than this. There are a number of 1TB internal hard drives for laptops that run at 10000 revolutions per minute, but an increase in speed results in an increase in price, so buying the fastest part is not always feasible.

The speed of the hard drive should be influenced by the amount and type of data that will be stored on it. If it is mainly used for documents etc then the slower models will suffice but buyers who plan on storing software and programs on their hard drive should really look for faster drives.


Prices for 1TB internal hard drives vary greatly but are not always an indicator of performance or quality. The interface, speed and form factor of the hard drive all will have an influence on the price, and as mentioned previously all buyers are advised to research any hard drives they are considering buying and to read a number of reviews about the product. This will give a good indication of the device's ability to handle large saves.

Searching for 1TB Internal Hard Drives for Laptops on eBay

eBay is the number one destination for people searching for internal hard drives and other types of laptop accessories. The website has a large selection of products from around the world, and items sold on the website are generally less expensive than those sold in stores or on specialist sites. To start a search for a suitable 1TB internal hard drive for a laptop head to and take the following simple steps.

· When the homepage has loaded, move the cursor down to the Electronic title to open the drop down menu. Click on the Computers & Tablets link.

· On the following page, scroll down and click on theDrives, Storage & Blank Media link followed by Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS). Type 1TB Internal Laptop Hard Drive into the search bar and press enter.

· Buyers can use the Price filter to remove hard drives that do not fall within a certain budget, and the Condition filter to search for used hard drives . Both of these filters are found in the Categories table on the left hand side of the page.

· It's also a good idea to check out eBay Deals, which is a section of the website that has a large selection of products for sale at reduced prices. To find the relevant hard drive section, first click on the Deals link at the top of the page followed by the Computers heading in the Electronics drop down menu. PC and laptop accessories can be found towards the bottom of the page.


1TB internal hard drives for laptops are very handy laptop parts that allow the user to significantly increase the amount of storage their device has. Buyers need to check the physical and interface compatibility of a model before making a purchase, and they should also keep an eye on the speed of the hard drive. All buyers are advised to visit eBay Deals as they may find a suitable hard drive for sale here at a reduced price.

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