The Complete Guide to Buying a Maglite Flashlight for Camping

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Maglite Flashlight for Camping

Choosing a flashlight for camping can be a tricky process with so many different brands and styles of flashlight available on the market. Maglite are one of the most popular flashlight manufacturers in the world, and until recently their product was the flashlight of choice for police officers in the USA. Because Maglites are so durable and feature the latest technology, they are the perfect choice when looking for a flashlight for camping.

Shopping online on websites such as eBay is the best place to start looking for a Maglite flashlight, whether hunting for a new or used model. It is easy to find great deals on flashlights and other camping equipment on eBay.

Who Creates Maglite Flashlights?

Founded by Anthony Maglica in 1955, Mag Instruments has grown to become a leading American manufacturer of flashlights, with more than 20 years research and refinement going into every new range they produce. Maglite flashlights appeared on the market in the 1970s, and were the first durable, long lasting flashlight available. Popular with police officers, firemen and the military, these flashlights are amongst the best in the world, and so make a great choice for outdoors activities and camping thanks to their durability and wealth of features. A huge selection of Maglite flashlights is available online, on websites such as eBay.

Why Should you Choose a Maglite Flashlight?

There are a number of reasons to choose a Maglite flashlight – here are just a few:

  • Maglite use LED bulbs in their full range of flashlights – LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours before they need replacing
  • A wide range of sizes of flashlight are available from Maglite, from the Maglite Solitaire and Mini Maglite right through to the Maglite 6-Cell D flashlight, which is just over 19 inches in length
  • Each flashlight is constructed from anodized aluminum that is durable, scratch resistant and corrosion proof
  • Most of their range feature adjustable beams for on the spot precision light or a wider beam
  • Their larger flashlights feature an ‘energy management’ function, which automatically adjusts the light to save power if batteries are running low.

These are just a few reasons to choose a Maglite flashlight over another brand. Whilst Maglite torches can be expensive, it is possible to find them in used condition at affordable prices on eBay.

The Most Popular Models of Maglite Flashlight

Maglite produce a wide range of models and as well as LED flashlights they manufacture a range of incandescent flashlights, which use Xenon and halogen bulbs. Here are some of the most popular models of Maglite Flashlight and their main features:



Mini-Maglite 2-Cell AAA

Small size (5” long), the tail cap contains a spare bulb, corrosion and scratch resistant aluminum body, adjustable beam. Weighs just 49g.

Maglite 2-Cell C

Water and shock resistant, measures 9” in length, anodized aluminum body, adjustable beam, spare bulb in tail cap.

Maglite 3-Cell D

Measures 12.5” in length with an anodized aluminum body, adjustable beam and water and shock resistant casing.

Maglite 4-Cell D

Available in 3 colours and measuring 14.5” in length, this features the same aluminum body, water and shock resistant casing and adjustable beam as the smaller Maglite flashlights.

Maglite 6-Cell D

The largest of the Maglite range, this measures 19.5” in length and its anodized aluminum body is lightweight yet corrosion and shock resistant.

What Size of Maglite Flashlight Should You Choose?

The size of Maglite flashlight purchased will depend upon the buyer’s preferences and available budget. It is possible to find most Maglite models for sale in either new or used condition on eBay for an affordable price, whether looking for a pocket torch such as the Mini-Maglite, or a larger version such as the Maglite 3-Cell D. Because Maglite’s smaller flashlights provide the same technology and features as their larger models, it is often a good idea to purchase a couple of sizes so that there is one to hand for every situation. Taking a pocket flashlight and a slightly larger model on a camping trip will ensure plenty of light is available.

Should you Buy a New or Used Maglite Flashlight?

Whether to buy a new or used Maglite flashlight is a personal decision, and will depend largely upon the amount of money the buyer wishes to spend. It is often possible to find used Maglites at a greatly reduced price on eBay, compared to buying a new model, and this is a great way for those on a tight budget to afford a high quality, durable torch.

Buying a used Maglite is a great idea for those who will only use their flashlight occasionally, and because Maglite flashlights are so durable and scratch resistant, it is easy to find them in excellent condition on websites such as eBay. Always double check the description when purchasing a used flashlight to find out exactly what condition it is in before buying, as faults or damage will be listed here.

Choosing the Right Maglite Flashlight for You

With so many different models of flashlight available from Maglite, it can be difficult to know which one is best. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect Maglite flashlight:

  • What will the flashlight be used for? If hiking, a small, portable flashlight is best, whereas if the flashlight is designed to be used whilst camping, a larger model may provide more light
  • What type of bulb and batteries are desired? Most Maglite flashlights use LED bulbs, which have a long lifespan, but it is also possible to find halogen and Xenon models
  • What is the available budget? The smaller the Maglite, the less expensive it will be, although bear in mind that larger models can often be found in used condition on eBay
  • Are there any extra features required? For example, the Maglite ML125 works to save energy and runs on a rechargeable battery pack.

By considering the above points, it should be easy to choose the perfect Maglite flashlight.

How Buy a Maglite Flashlight for Camping on eBay

For a wide selection of Maglite flashlights for camping at affordable prices, look no further than eBay. Click on the drop-down menu ‘Shop by Category’ at the top left of the page next to the main logo. This opens up a category list - click on Sports & Recreation. This will bring up a more extensive list of all the available categories. Scroll down to Sporting Goods and click on ‘more’. From here select Camping & Hiking, and from the left-hand menu select Lamps, Torches. Then click on Flashlights in the categories menu. The brand Maglite can be selected from the left-hand menu.

A search can be narrowed using a certain term, if looking for something specific. Just type the words related to the search, such as ‘Mini Maglite’ into the search bar, and a list of available items will appear to choose from.


Maglite flashlights are a great option for anyone heading off on a camping trip. Durable, reliable and one of the leading brands in the world, Maglite flashlights can be relied upon in all situations, and it is possible to find them at a reduced price online, whether shopping for a used or new model.

eBay has a wide range of Maglite flashlights to choose from, from the Maglite 6-Cell D to the Maglite Solitaire, and there are used and new models available to suit all budgets and requirements.

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