The Complete Guide to Buying a Manual Treadmill

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Manual Treadmill

Buyers interested in pursuing a workout regimen can purchase manual treadmills to increase their fitness levels. Because treadmills are generally used indoors, they provide users with greater convenience than many outdoor activities that are difficult to pursue in bad weather conditions. Manual treadmills are lighter than their electric counterparts, so users can move manual treadmills as needed whenever they choose to work out in a new area. Additionally, manual treadmills are often less expensive than electric treadmill models and can fit into most buyers' sports equipment budgets. Manual treadmill models can be purchased at local sports equipment suppliers as well as online at large-scale retailers, like eBay. Before shopping for a model, buyers should consider storing, incline, belt and deck, and electronic feature options to ensure they purchase a manual treadmill that can suit their personal workout style.

Storing Options for Manual Treadmills

To increase the convenience of owning a treadmill, manufacturers offer buyers a number of options that make storing a treadmill easy when it is not in use. Many manual treadmills contain handrails and posts that are simple to attach and reattach as needed, but assembling this type of treadmill does take some time. If owners plan to store their treadmills in a closet or under a bed between each use, folding treadmills are a valuable purchasing option.

Incline Options for Manual Treadmills

Treadmill users frequently want to increase the impact of their workouts by altering the incline of their treadmills. To have the capacity to do this, buyers should look for treadmills that include alternating incline level adjustments that raise and lower the treadmill's belt deck. Many incline options raise the belt deck up to 10 per cent from its standard position, but buyers who want intense workout options should look for treadmills that can incline as high as 15 per cent.

Manual Treadmill Belt Options

The belt of a treadmill is the flexible surface that moves as a user walks or runs on the machine. Before shopping for a treadmill, buyers should consider some important aspects of the belt that can impact how convenient it is to operate the machine.

Belt Width

The belt width of treadmills generally ranges from 32 cm to 42 cm. When deciding which belt width they prefer, buyers must balance ease of use with storing convenience. Treadmill users can keep their balance better when using a treadmill with a wider belt, but manufacturers must increase the overall size dimensions of a treadmill machine to accommodate a larger belt size. Because of this, it is advisable for buyers to test a number of treadmills with various belt widths to determine how large they need a belt to be before making a purchase.

Belt Resistance

The resistance of a treadmill belt establishes how much exertion must be used to make a treadmill belt move. In many cases, manual treadmills only contain one option for setting a belt's resistance, but more sophisticated treadmill models allow users to adjust the resistance of the treadmill's belt. Buyers who want the ability to increase the impact of their workouts should look for treadmill models that include multiple belt resistance settings so they can add more resistance when they want to increase the cardiovascular benefits of a treadmill.

Manual Treadmill Deck Options

The deck is the section of the treadmill that contains the belt and attaches to the treadmill's frame. Because this part of the treadmill bears the weight of users when they are operating a treadmill, it must be strong enough to provide a stable base. A deck must also provide some flexibility, however, to minimise any damage that can occur to a user's joints when they pursue a long-term exercise regimen.

Deck Friction

Most malfunction problems of a treadmill are caused by too much friction between a treadmill's belt and running bed. If there is a high level of friction, the belt sustains drag, which can cause damage to the mechanisms of the treadmill. Additionally, drag can force a treadmill to have a poor and inconsistent response to a user's movements. Because of this, buyers should search for treadmill models that are outfitted with a low friction deck that contains a four-ply belt that is coated with phenolic wax for less friction.

Shock Absorption

To provide users with the flexibility that is needed to avoid joint damage, treadmill decks must be able to absorb the shock of a user's weight-bearing movements. At the same time, the treadmill deck must be stable enough to limit any lateral movements that cause the deck to shift from side to side. To have the correct amount of shock absorption, buyers should opt to purchase manual treadmills with a floating deck. These decks are securely suspended within the frame of a treadmill but are not bolted to the sides of a treadmill's frame. This positioning within a treadmill's frame allows a floating deck to flex slightly in response to a user's movements while minimising any sideways shifting.

Deck Length

The length of a treadmill user's stride is directly proportional to the user's height. Because treadmill users can have drastically different heights, treadmill manufacturers offer a variety of deck lengths that can accommodate each user's size. A longer deck length mandates that the overall size of a treadmill must be increased, however, so buyers should take some time before choosing a treadmill to find a deck length that allows them to operate a treadmill comfortably without compromising storage convenience.

Electronic Features

Users often find benefits in manual treadmill models that include a variety of electronic features. These features can help users track their performance from a handy electronic control panel placed on the top of a treadmill's post.

Hand Pulse Sensors

Hand pulse sensors are utilised to monitor a treadmill user's heart rate. To operate the sensors, users must grip the handles at the top of treadmill's post while operating the treadmill. The handles are equipped with pulse monitors that communicate heart rate information to the treadmill's control panel so users can see any changes in their heart rate as they run faster or slower on the treadmill.

Electronic Tracking

Electronic tracking features help users monitor their performances in a variety of ways while on a treadmill. When comparing manual treadmill models, buyers should check for a number of popular electronic tracking options if they would like to reach certain fitness milestones during their workouts.

Electronic Tracking Options



Monitors the duration of a user's time on a treadmill


Tracks the speed of a user's movements


Monitors the comparative distance a treadmill user covers


Estimates the amount of calories a user burns

When evaluating different electronic tracking options, buyers should remember to check the ease of use of a treadmill's control panel. Some panels feature automatic, alternating display readings that shift between different tracking options, while others must be manually accessed through a control panel's buttons. Having automatic readings permit users to keep their hands on a treadmill's post, which is a safer option than manually-operated control panels.

How to Buy a Manual Treadmill on eBay

Buyers who want to increase the amount of fitness equipment they have available to keep them in good shape can visit eBay to find a selection of manual treadmills. On eBay, buyers can source both new and used treadmill models to match their purchasing preferences. Buyers on a tight budget can also check out eBay Deals' Health and Fitness category to find manual treadmills often listed at reduced prices. eBay carries treadmills from well-known manufacturers, like York, Avanti, and Lifespan so buyers can compare popular treadmill features before deciding which model to purchase. Buyers should review manual treadmill offerings carefully by reading product listings for important information about a treadmill's specifications, storage options, and special features. By comparison shopping on eBay, buyers can find the most appropriate treadmill models for their individual workout styles.


Manual treadmills are fitness machines that allow users to adjust their workout levels and engage in fitness activities at a user's convenience. Because manual treadmills can be operated indoors, users are not hampered by poor weather conditions that can impact fitness enthusiasts who engage in outdoor activities, like walking or jogging.

When shopping for manual treadmills, buyers have an array of options that many users find valuable to monitor and customise their workout routines. Storing options permit buyers to keep a treadmill out of sight when the machine is not being used. Incline and belt adjustment options let buyers change the impact level of their workouts. Manual treadmill deck features are essential when choosing a treadmill that combines the right blend of stability and flexible shock absorption. Lastly, electronic features help users track their progress easily so they can be sure they reach their fitness milestones during a workout. Once buyers understand which features they prefer in a manual treadmill, they can shop on eBay to compare various treadmill models that can match a buyer's unique fitness challenges.

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