The Complete Guide to Floor-Standing Speakers

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The Complete Guide to Floor-Standing Speakers

Floor-standing speakers allow listeners to enjoy high quality audio without having to set up individual speaker components. These speakers are ideal for use in the home or office, and for listening to music as well as to experience home theatre. Floor-standing speakers are able to reproduce sounds across a wide range for an optimal listening experience. With so many different types and options, it can be hard for shoppers to determine which speakers are best for their audio needs. By learning about the different speaker components, or drivers, in floor-standing speakers, as well as how to discern the various specifications, shoppers can find speakers that suit both their needs and their budgets. Shoppers can find a large selection of new and used speakers on eBay, as well great deals on floor-standing speakers.

Why Choose Floor-Standing Speakers?

Floor-standing speakers are speakers that can stand on their own. They have legs or cases that sit them high enough off of the ground to ensure an optimal listening experience. Most floor-standing speakers are sold as a pair or as part of a set to go along with an audio system. They are designed for personal use in a home rather than for professional or commercial use. However, these speakers are able to reproduce a wide range of sounds. They can be used as-is, but some floor-standing speakers require the addition of a  subwoofer to reproduce heavier bass sounds.

Floor-standing speakers are ideal because they can be placed around the room. Unlike bookshelf speakers, a user does not need to find another piece of furniture to set the speakers on. The listener can simply choose a spot in the room and place the speakers there. Floor-standing speakers give users the freedom to place the speakers where they want, without sacrificing sound quality.

Identify Speaker Drivers

It is the drivers that affect a floor-standing speaker's performance. These drivers are the mechanisms inside the speakers that function to convert electrical signals from an audio device into sound waves that listeners hear. Depending on the type of speaker one chooses, it may have just one driver or it may have multiple drivers. Knowing the differences between the drivers helps the shopper decide which floor-standing speakers are likely to meet his needs.


Tweeters are the drivers responsible for producing sounds at high frequencies. They typically produce sounds between 2,000 and 20,000 Hz. Because tweeters are incapable of producing low sounds, tweeters must be paired with woofers or subwoofers. Floor-standing speakers that contain tweeters often also include a separate mid-range driver and woofer in the same housing to produce the full range of sounds.

Mid-Range Drivers

Mid-range drivers produce mid-frequency sounds. These drivers are usually found in three-way speaker systems that have multiple drivers. Mid-range drivers do not reproduce optimal sound on their own because they only produce sounds between 500 to 3,000 Hz. Mid-range drivers work well when used in audio systems that also have tweeters and subwoofers for producing the high and low sounds.

Full-Range Drivers

Full-range drivers produce a wide range of sounds from low to high. Many floor-standing speakers have full-range drivers, because these drivers allow the speakers to work as standalone devices. There is no need to attach separate tweeters or subwoofers because these drivers can produce the high and low sounds. A floor-standing speaker with full-range drivers may come with a slightly higher price tag, but the shopper ends up saving because he does not have to purchase separate speaker components.


Woofers are the drivers that create low-frequency sounds. Typically they produce sounds in the range of 40 to 1,000 Hz. Floor-standing speakers may have woofers built-in along with other drivers. Whereas full-range drivers work to produce both low and high frequency sounds, having a separate woofer helps to ensure better sound quality. Because it is a separate driver, it only produces the lower frequency sounds.


Subwoofers are not included in floor-standing speakers. Subwoofers produce even lower sounds than the woofers, usually between 20 to 200 Hz. Because of the low frequency sounds that subwoofers produce and how they operate, these drivers sit by themselves on the floor. The listeners who want to hear a wider range of low frequency sounds or feel the bass of the music should consider adding a subwoofer to his floor-standing speaker system.

Comparing Speaker Specifications

People who are new to buying speakers or floor-standing speakers may not understand what the specifications of speakers are or what they mean. If a shopper is unable to listen to the speakers before making a purchase, then understanding what the specifications means is very important. The table below lists and describes the most important specifications to consider when shopping for floor-standing speakers.




Indicates how much volume a speaker can produce depending on the voltage

Higher sensitivity means a more efficient speaker


Resistance to electricity

Measured in Ohms

The impedance between the amp and speakers should match for best sound quality

Frequency Response

Range of sounds that a speaker can produce

Should have a balance between low and high frequencies

Wattage Rating

Also known as power handling

Indicates how much power a speaker can take before the sound becomes distorted or the speaker is damaged

Manufacturers list the specifications of the speakers on the packaging, and they are often printed somewhere on the speaker as well. A shopper should be sure that the specifications of the speaker are compatible with his audio equipment. Some specifications are hard to measure because a number of variables are involved. For example, frequency response is often affected by the size and composition of the room. For this reason, it is also important to consider the placement of the speakers when analysing the specifications.

Top Brands for Floor-Standing Speakers

Some people prefer to have all components in their audio system manufactured by the same brand. Others prefer certain brands over others, and some shoppers are not familiar with all brands. Before making a purchase, it is important for shoppers to research the brands to learn more about their reputations. eBay forums allow shoppers to pose questions and get opinions from those who are more familiar with various products and audio brands. Top brands for floor-standing speakers include Wharfedale, Polk, and Yamaha.

How to Buy Floor-Standing Speakers on eBay

eBay is a large marketplace that allows people from all over the country to sell their speakers. Shoppers can often find great deals on floor-standing speakers. To get started with the process, use the basic search function to search for listings that match the keywords you enter. Be specific with your search to avoid having to sort through too many listings. For example, try searching for "sony floor standing speakers" rather than just "speakers". From there, you can narrow down the list by selecting options such as condition or price range. Be sure to open each listing to read the item description, view pictures, and compare prices to help you make a decision. You can also review the seller's feedback rating to see what kind of reputation they have.


Floor-standing speakers provide high-quality sound in a convenient and attractive package. These speakers can be placed around the room without needing additional furniture or tools for installation. Many floor-standing speakers can produce a wide range of sounds, which means they can be used as standalone devices rather than with other speakers or drivers. Floor-standing speakers are designed for personal use and are good choices for both music listening and home theatre needs. In order to find the speakers that work best for a person's needs, a shopper should take the time to learn about the different drivers and what sound quality the speakers produce. From there, the shopper needs to learn about the manufacturer specifications and what they mean. eBay makes it easy to compare brands, prices, and types of speakers.

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