The Complete Guide to Xbox 360 Cables

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The Complete Guide to Xbox 360 Cables

The Microsoft Xbox 360 is one of the greatest selling video game consoles of all time. There are a number of cables that come with the device that have to be connected to the correct interfaces for the console to work properly, and the following guide shall examine what the different cables do and how they should be connected. This guide will also explain how to find replacement cables on eBay.

Xbox 360 Cables

There are a number of different cables associated and used by the Xbox 360, and not all are necessary for the console to work. Some are used to improve the experience of using the device while others are used to connect accessories to it. The following are the various different types of cables that can be found connected to an Xbox 360 video game console.


Power Cable


The power cable is the most important cable the console uses, and as the name implies is responsible for powering the device. The power cable is connected to the back of the console and plugged into an electrical main via socket. The cable actually comes in two parts. The first part connects the console to a power adapter, while the second connects the adapter to the socket.






A HDMI AV cable is used to transfer the visual and audio data presented by the console to a source that can accept it. The HDMI AC cable allows the player to see and hear their interactions in the video game and is the best quality connection cable that can be used. These are generally connected to the HD television devices, but it should be noted that not all Xbox 360 models are equipped with this feature, and only the newer models will be able to utilise this type of cable.


Controller Cable


A controller cable is connected to the front of the device via a miniUSB port and slots into the battery cradle of the controller. These cables are used to both transfer instructions from the controller to the console and also provide power to the controller if it is without batteries. Buyers should avoid using these cables if the controller is equipped with batteries as this can damage the device.


RCA Cable


An RCA cable, also known as a phono connector and a cinch connector, is the standard way of connecting an Xbox 360 to an output device such as a television. These connectors are commonly known as A/V jacks, and consist of three wires cased together. The wires are yellow, red and white and are inserted into the corresponding inputs in the output device. The RCA cable is responsible for transferring audio and visual data.


Composite AV Cable


Composite AV cables are cables only capable of carrying basic analogue video signal and offer the user the very lowest quality of data transference. As a result these cables should be avoid at all costs.


VGA HD Cable



VGA stands for video graphics array, and these are HD connectors typically found on computer monitors, video cards and a number of HDTVs. These cables carry analogue video signal and are usually used to connect the Xbox 360 to a computer screen, giving the user a variety of output devices to play the console on. The quality of VGA HD cables is similar to that of component video cables.


Optical S/PDIF Audio Cable



An optical S/PDIF audio cable is a digital cable used to connect the console to high quality output audio devices like those that utilise 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. This is very handy as it allows the user to route their audio through one device and the visuals through another.


System Link/Ethernet LAN Cable


A number of Xbox 360 games allow more than four players to play together and such games require a system link cable to connect two Xbox 360's. The devices are played on different screens. An Ethernet LAN is used to connect the console to a modem for online gaming.

Buying Xbox 360 Cables Online

Buyers looking for replacement or new Xbox 360 cables are advised to search for such products on eBay. The site has a very large selection of new and used video game consoles and accessories, and buyers will find that products are sold for less costly prices than those in games stores:

  • Head to and click on the Video Games link found in the Entertainment & Books title on the left hand side of the page.

· On the following page, click on the Cables & Adapters link in the Accessories tab, followed by the Microsoft Xbox 360 filter under the Platform heading in the Categories table.

· Type the name of the required cable into the search bar and press enter.

  • Buyers should visit eBay Deals as they may find a suitable cable here for sale at a reduced price. To access the relevant page first click on the Deals link followed by the Video Games title in the Games Books CD DVD tab.


There are a large number of different cables used with the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console. Some of these, like the power cable, are necessary and buyers will not be able to use the console without them. Others are used to improve the quality of the audio and video output. Remember to check that the Xbox is able to receive a cable before making a purchase, as most of the older models are without openings for the HD cables.

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