The Complete Guide to the Wii Console

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The Complete Guide to the Wii Console

The Nintendo Wii is a home video games console that was originally released in 2006. The Wii is famous for its wireless controller that can be used as a pointer; something which a number of games take advantage of and build upon. The Wii is suitable for people of all ages and makes a great gift for any occasion. This guide will examine the aspects of this console and explain how to find a reasonably priced model on eBay.

The Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a seventh generation video games console that was first released in November 2006. Although less powerful than the other seventh generation consoles released during this period (the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3), the Wii has a number of innovative features that makes it stand out from other consoles, such as

- Nintendo are well known for placing an emphasis on experience rather that technical prowess, and as a result many find the Wii to be a more entertaining device.

- The Wii places a focus on group gaming and was developed with the aim of bringing families together and encouraging bonding through fun games .

Nintendo Wii Features

The Wii is Nintendo's smallest home's console to date, and its measurements are 44 x 157 x 215mm. The front of the console has an illuminating slot that accepts 12cm Wii game discs and 8cm Nintendo Gamecube game discs, meaning the console has backwards compatibility with the previous device Nintendo released. The console has two USB slots in the rear as well as an SD-card slot for additional memory. Buyers should note that unlike other video game consoles, the Wii is unable to play DVD's or other discs featuring media files.

The main focus point of the console is the Wii Remote, the name given to the controllers used to play games with. The design of the Wii Remote is a drastic change to the standard controllers found on previous consoles. The Wii Remote consists of two separate grips that are connected with a cable. There are a number of buttons and control sticks on the Remote, and the controller is wireless. The Wii Remote utilises built-in accelerometers and infrared technology to allow the user to point the Remote at the television and have the console respond accurately. The data from the Remote is transferred to a Sensor bar kept on top of the television and connected to the console. The Wii Remote comes with a strap to keep the device secured to the user's hand when in use. Additionally the controller used with the Nintendo Gamecube is compatible with the Wii and there is space for the connection of four controllers.

Should You Buy?

The Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular video games consoles to be released by the company and still sells well even now. The great thing about buying a Wii console is its excellent value for money. Buyers interested in purchasing a well-made console with a good selection of games for players of all ages will be hard pressed to find a better alternative to Nintendo's little console. However, it is important to consider whom the console is being bought for. For example, the Wii is an ideal console to buy for a family as it encourages multiplayer engagement. It is also an ideal console for young children and there is a host of games made specifically for younger audiences. But buyers who are looking to buy the console for a serious gamer or a teenage boy will probably be better off going with the Microsoft or Sony options. Also, the online gaming capabilities of the Wii are not as impressive as those of the Xbox or PS3, and there are a number of games released on the other platforms that are not available on the Wii. Remember, consider who the console is being bought for, and find out what type of games they enjoy playing.

Buying a Wii Console on eBay

eBay is an excellent place to buy any form of electronic entertainment, and the site has a range of new and used video games consoles for sale at very low prices. The first thing buyers need to do is head to, and when the home page has loaded up they should click on the Video Games link found in theEntertainment & Books drop down menu. Next, click on theConsoles link to be brought to the relevant listings page. Click on the Nintendo Wii filter found under the Platform heading in the Categories table.

Buyers can also choose to search for used Nintendo Wii consoles . These will be sold at much lower prices and often come with a bundle of games and additional accessories. However, it is important to ensure that the console is in excellent working order. It is recommend that any buyers considering purchasing a used Wii console examine photographs of the device for signs of physical damage e.g. cracks, scratches. Buyers should also check the description box on the item page for details of the console's condition. Additional information and photographs can be requested by using the Ask A Question feature located below the description box. eBay Deals contains a number of video game consoles for sale at reduced prices. To access the relevant page click on the Deals link, followed by the Video Games link in the Games Books CD DVD heading.


The Wii is one of the most popular video games consoles of recent times, and buyers looking for a well-made device with an excellent range of games will find that the Wii fits their needs. The console is very reasonably priced, but some consideration should be given to the person who the console is for. Remember to check eBay Deals for consoles sold at reduced prices, and to try searching for used devices.

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