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Linda Howard's real name is Linda Howington, she started writing at the age of nine, and sold her first book in 1982. She lives on a two hundred acre property in Alabama, USA - and is married to a professional fisherman.  She has written suspense, contemporary romance, historical romance and time travel.  A quote:  "When I sold the first book, I was terrified at the thought of losing my privacy. Now I know I have the privacy regardless, because the privacy's inside. You just learn."   I hope this list is helpful, it was extremely difficult to put together, but I after many hours I think I have it covered!  Of course, please drop me a line if you notice anything missing!

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Kell Sabin (Romantic Suspense)
1. Midnight Rainbow (1986)
2. Diamond Bay (1987)
3. Heartbreaker (1987)
4. White Lies (1988)
The Volumes in this Series
The Linda Howard Collection #1: Midnight Rainbow; Diamond Bay
The Linda Howard Collection #2: Heartbreaker; White Lies

Mackenzie Series
1. Mackenzie's Mountain (1989) Wolf  (Historical Western)
2. Mackenzie's Mission (1992) Joe  (Contemporary Romantic Suspense)
3. Mackenzie's Magic (1996) Maris  (Contemporary Romantic Suspense)
4. Mackenzie's Pleasure (1996) Zane  (Contemporary Romantic Suspense)
5. A Game of Chance (2000) Chance  (Contemporary Romantic Suspense)
The Volumes in this Series
The Mackenzies (contains Mackenzie's Mountain & Mackenzie's Mission)
The Mackenzie Family (contains Mackenzie’s Magic & Mackenzies Pleasure)
MacKenzie's Legacy (contains MacKenzie's Mountain & MacKenzie's Mission)
Mackenzie’s Honor (contains Mackenzies' Pleasure & A Game of Chance)

Duncan and Evangeline
1. Duncan's Bride (1990)
2. Loving Evangeline (1994)
John Medina Series (CIA Agent)
1. Kill and Tell (1998)
2. All the Queen's Men (1999)
3. Kiss Me While I Sleep (2004)

Sarah (Contemporary Romance)
1. Sarah's Child (2000)
2. Almost Forever (2002)
3. Bluebird Winter (1999)

Stand Alone Novels

All That Glitters (1982)
An Independent Wife (1983)
The Cutting Edge (1985)
Against the Rules (1988)
Tears of the Renegade (1989)
A Lady of the West (1990)
Angel Creek (1991)
The Touch of Fire (1992)
Heart of Fire (1993)
The Way Home (1995)
Shades of Twilight (1996)
Son of the Morning (1997)
Now You See Her (1998)
Come Lie with Me (1999)
Mr Perfect (2000)
Open Season (2001)
Strangers in the Night (2001)
Dying to Please (2002)
Cry No More (2003)
Overload (2004)
To Die for (2004)
Killing Time (2005)
Two-for-One Christmas Fun (1995) (Young Adult)
Cover of Night (2006)
Drop Dead Gorgeous (2006)

Combined Titles

Night Moves: Dream Man/After the Night (Romantic Suspense)
Shades of Twilight / Son of the Morning (Contemporary & Time Travel Historical) (2005)
Angel Creek / Lady of the West  (Western Frontier Romance) (2005)


Silhouette Christmas Stories 1987 – contains  “Bluebird Winter”   (Browning/Gray/Howard/Palmer)
Heart and Soul – contains “All That Glitters”l (Cameron, Delinsky) (1988)
To Mother with Love '91 – contains  “The Way Home”   (Howard/Carr/Reavis)
Silhouette Summer Sizzlers ’93 – contains  “Overload” (Howard/Buck/Carey)
Everlasting Love – contains  “Lake of Dreams” (Krentz/Miller/Howard/Michaels/Neggers) (1995) 
Christmas Kisses – contains  “Mackenzies Magic” (Howard/Macomber/Turner) (1996)
Upon a Midnight Clear – contains  “White Out” (Deveraux/Howard/Allison/Holm/Stewart) (1997)
Summer Sizzlers – contains “Heartbreaker” (Miller/Pozzessere) (1997)
Heart's Desire - contains “Lake of Dreams” (Krentz/Miller/Howard) (1998)
Always and Forever - contains “Heartbreaker” (Howard/Miller/Pozzessere) (1998)
Summer Sensations - contains “Overload” (Howard/Miller/Pozzessere) (1998)
Under the Boardwalk - contains “Blue Moon” (Howard/Dawson/Hunter/Jarrett/Stewart) (1999)
Delivered by Christmas - contains “Bluebird Winter” (Howard/Hohl/Steffen) (1999)
Through the Years – contains “Tears of the Renegade” (Howard/Michaels/Macomber) (1999)  
Impulse – contains “Midnight Rainbow” (Delinsky/Gerritsen/Howard) (2000)  
A Bouquet of Babies – contains “The Way Home” (Howard/Riggs/Bagwell) (2000)
Forever Yours – contains “Loving Evangeline” (Delinsky/Coulter/Howard) (2000)
Finding Home – contains “Duncan’s Bride” (Howard/Lowell/Michaels) (2001)
Summer Heat – contains “A Game of Chance” (McKenna/Major) (2001)
Mackenzie's Pleasure / Defending His Own - Double Pack (Howard/Barton) (2001)
Overload / If a Man Answers – Double Pack  (with Merline Lovelace) (2002)
Unlikely Alliances – contains “Independent Wife” (with Diana Palmer and Sharon Sala) (2002)
100% Hero (with Suzanne Brockmann) (2003)
On His Terms – contains “Loving Evangeline” (Howard/Leigh) (2003) 
What the Heart Can't Hide – contains “All That Glitters” (Howard/Major/Mallery) (2003)
Irresistible (2005) (with Diana Palmer)
A Mother's Touch – contains “The Way Home” (with Emilie Richards and Sherryl Woods) (2005)
The Way Home / Cowboy's Christmas Miracle / Because a Husband is Forever (Ferrarella/McAllister) (2005)


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