The Complete Stephanie Laurens Book List

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Stephanie Laurens’ first taste of Regency romance was at the age of 13.  A quote from her website explains:  I had read romances since I was 13 - when my mother borrowed Georgette Heyer's romances from a workmate, and I read them after her. These Old Shades was the first one I read - I was hooked for life. In England, I'd had the opportunity to stock up with Regency romances that were never available in the US or Australia - I still have shelves of them. After our return to Australia, one day I literally ran out of books to read. I wanted a new Regency romance - but there were none in the stores. In desperation, I decided to write one - something I'd always had a hankering to do, but never done.

Stephanie went on to complete her first manuscript, Tangled Reins. Today she is a New York Times, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and USA-Today bestseller, and has been writing historical romance for more than 16 years.
She currently lives outside Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two daughters and two cats.

Regency Standalone

Tangled Reins 1992
Four In Hand 1993
Impetuous Innocent 1994
Fair Juno 1994
The Reasons For Marriage 1995
A Lady Of Expectations 1995
An Unwilling Conquest 1996
A Comfortable Wife  1997

Cynster Series

ABOUT THE CYNSTERS – from Stephanie’s Website
The contrast of gracious and elegant manners forming a wafer-thin facade over strong and dominant male emotions such as possessiveness and protectiveness is a constant throughout all the Cynster books. The affinity of such warrior males for strong willed women and the ability of their chosen ladies to exact complete and unswerving commitment to themselves, to marriage, and to family, forms the central tenet of the series.
The first six Cynster books deal with the stories of the six cousins known to the ton as the Bar Cynster. Subsequent books deal with other members of the Cynster family, extended family, and close friends.

1. Devil's Bride 1998 -  Devil's Story
2. A Rake's Vow 1998 -  Vane's Story
3. Scandal's Bride 1999  -  Richard's Story
4. A Rogue's Proposal 1999 - Demon Harry's Story
5. A Secret Love 2000 - Gabriel's Story
6. All About Love 2001 - Lucifer's Story
7. All About Passion 2001 - Chillingworth's Story
The Promise In A Kiss - Special Cynster Xmas Edition 2002 - Sebastian & Helena's Story
8. On A Wild Night 2002 - Amanda's Story
9. On A Wicked Dawn 2002 - Amelia's Story
10. The Perfect Lover 2004 - Simon's Story
11. The Ideal Bride 2005 - Michael's Story
12. The Truth About Love 2005 - Gerrard's Story
13. What Price Love? 2006 - Dillon's Story
14. The Taste of Innocence – Charles’ Story

Bastion Club Series

ABOUT THE BASTION CLUB – from Stephanie’s Website
The Bastion Club grew from the background and action in Stephanie's first Avon novel, CAPTAIN JACK'S WOMAN. In that book, we get a first glimpse of the covert machinations that must have taken place behind the scenes in the days of the Peninsula military campaigns.
The Bastion Club stories evolved as the answer to the question: How would a group of English gentlemen, all recently longtime secret agents disbanded after Waterloo, react when faced with a, to them, even bigger challenge - that of securing their wives?
The right wife for each of them, not the silly flibbertigibbets society's matrons would foist upon them. These men are all used to command, to ruling their own lives - in the matter of a wife, they are all determined to make their own choice.
And what if their task was made harder still by a fiendish fate that organized to make them the most hunted of the hunted in the year 1816 - if by conferring on each of them title, wealth and properties, they now rank among the most eligible gentlemen in the ton?

Captain Jack's Woman 1997 – Prequel to the Series
1. The Lady Chosen 2003 - Tristan Weymss, Earl of Trentham
2. A Gentleman's Honour 2003 - Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington
3. A Lady Of His Own 2004 - Charles St Austell, Earl of Lostwithiel
4. A Fine Passion 2006 - Jack Warnefleet, Baron Warnefleet of Minchinbury
5. To Distraction 2006 - Deverell, Viscount Paignton


WHY ARE THESE BOOKS DIFFERENT? – from Stephanie’s Website
Novellas are longer than short stories and shorter than short novels. Novellas are routinely published in collections termed anthologies containing either the collected works of one author, or, more frequently,  the works of several authors dealing with a specific theme.
The four novellas Stephanie has had published thus far are contained in anthologies of the latter sort, together with the works of other romance authors on the designated theme.
For the latest anthology, HERO, COME BACK, containing Stephanie's Lost & Found, the theme was secondary male characters from earlier books finding their own ladies.
For the anthology SECRETS OF A PERFECT NIGHT, containing Stephanie's Scandalous Lord Dere, the theme was New Year's Eve balls.
For the anthology SCOTTISH BRIDES, containing Stephanie's Rose In Bloom, the theme revolves about Scotland, summer romances and, of course, June weddings.
For the anthology ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES, containing Stephanie's Melting Ice , the theme was for the hero to be a renegade of sorts, a "bad boy", a black sheep, a prodigal lover. ROUGH AROUND THE EDGES is no longer in print, however the novella Melting Ice appears in the anthology SCANDALOUS BRIDES.

Scottish Brides 2002 – contains ‘Rose In Bloom’
Secrets Of A Perfect Night 2003 – contains ‘Scandalous Lord Dere’
Rough Around The Edges 2003 - contains ‘Melting Ice’ (out of print)
Scandalous Brides 2004 – also contains ‘Melting Ice’
Hero, Come Back 2005 – contains ‘Lost & Found’


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