The Complete Swimwear Buying Guide

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The Complete Swimwear Buying Guide

Many women dread swimsuit season. Shopping for new swimwear is difficult. This is because there is more to shopping for a swimsuit than just choosing a pattern that is attractive. A woman also needs to consider the different styles available and select a style that flatters her body shape. Not all styles of swimsuits work for all women. Wearing the wrong style could draw unwanted attention to certain parts of a woman's body she would rather conceal. When shopping for swimwear, women should compare different styles to see which ones they like the best and which styles flatter their bodies. eBay allows shoppers to easily find and compare different styles of swimsuits. eBay also has a number of great deals on swimwear.

One-Piece Swimwear

One-piece swimwear provides more coverage than two-piece swimsuits. This type of swimwear is great for the woman who favours a more modest look or who is just not comfortable showing off a lot of skin for one reason or another. The one-piece swimsuit is also the most practical type of swimsuit. There are a number of different styles available.


The maillot swimsuit is what most women think of when they hear the term 'one-piece bathing suit'. Maillot swimsuits are also referred to as tank suits because they have traditional tank top straps. The tops for maillot swimwear have changed over the years. Today, maillot swimsuits are either strapless or have strings that tie around the neck. Additionally, the leg openings can range from high to low cuts.


Athletic or fitness swimwear is designed for function rather than style. These swimsuits are usually made from more durable fabrics so that the swimsuits can stand up to being immersed in chlorinated water for long periods of time. Athletic swimwear is designed for people who are more interested with actually swimming than spending time basking in the sun.


Skirted swimwear comes in a number of styles, but all have a short skirt that goes around the bottom. This skirt ranges in length depending on the wearer's preferences. Skirted swimwear offers a bit of extra coverage over the bum and thighs while still remaining fashionable.


The monokini provides less coverage than the other styles of one-piece swimsuits already mentioned. With the monokini, the sides are cut to reveal the wearer's skin from the waist up. As with other styles, the amount of skin on show varies depending on the cut of the swimsuit. One advantage to this type of one-piece swimsuit is that while it is revealing, it still covers the midriff.

Two-Piece Swimwear

The two-piece swimsuit reveals more than a one-piece bathing suit. This type of swimwear consists of a separate top and a bottom. Because of the popularity of the two-piece swimsuit, shoppers often find that there is a larger selection available when compared to one-piece swimsuits. With a number of different styles available, a woman of any body shape can find a two-piece swimsuit that looks good on her.

Bikini Tops

The tops on two-piece swimsuits can cover as much or as little as as the wearer desires. Shoppers should take their time in choosing the top for a two-piece swimsuit. The shopper should choose a top that provides sufficient support, while flattering her particular body shape.

Triangle Top

The triangle top is the most revealing of all bikini tops. These tops are made from two triangular pieces of fabric held together by strings. These strings are then tied behind the back and the neck to keep the bikini top in place.

Halter Top

A halter top bikini comes in many different sizes and shapes of fabric. Like the triangle bikini top, this kind of top ties behind the back and the neck. The straps are usually wider than those straps used to tie a triangle top.


A tankini provides the most coverage of any type of two-piece bathing suit. This is ideal for a woman who wants to wear a two-piece but is worried about showing off too much skin. The top looks just like a tank top and is cut to either cover the stomach or reveal the midriff to just above the navel.


A bandeau bikini top is a single band that wraps all the way around the chest of the woman. Typically this type of top does not have straps, but it may have thin straps that tie around the neck. Most women prefer the strapless version, especially those women who sunbathe and are looking to avoid tan lines.

Bikini Bottoms

The bikini bottoms also come in a number of different styles and provide differing amounts of coverage. Women can mix and match the tops with the bottoms to create a variety of unique looks. Additionally, the different bikini bottoms can cover or reveal as much as the wearer wants depending on her body shape.


Hipster bikini bottoms are low-cut and cut closer to the hips than traditional bikini bottoms. More of the stomach is revealed, but a woman still has full coverage in the rear.


The thong bikini bottom provides maximum skin exposure. It is very low cut in the front and only a thin piece of fabric covers the back. The bum is fully-exposed, ensuring minimal tan lines.


String bikini bottoms provide just a little bit more coverage than thong bikini bottoms. While they do have full coverage in the rear, the coverage in both the front and back is minimal. The sides have almost no coverage and the front and back of the bottoms are tied together at the sides with strings.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts provide a lot of coverage. In addition to providing full coverage in the front and the back, these bikini bottoms also cover the tops of the thighs. Women can find boy shorts styles that cover the belly or boy shorts that are cut closer to the hips.

Choosing a Bathing Suit Based on Body Type

Choosing the wrong style of swimwear for a particular body shape could make the body look asymmetrical or draw attention away from a woman's best features. The table below lists what styles of swimwear are appropriate for what body types.

Body Type

What to Look For

Small Chest

Triangle or bandeau top with bright colours and designs; avoid halter tops

Large Chest

Tops with underwire or crossback straps for support; single dark colour on top to minimise the bust

Wide Hips

Boy shorts or skirted bottom to cover the bottom and hips; can wear any top

Bigger Midsection

Avoid styles that are tight around the middle; choose a single dark colour like black or blue rather than a pattern to help draw attention away from the midsection


Monokini or keyhole; irregular-shaped swimsuits help to create curves


Triangle top, halter top, or monokini to create the appearance of curves; avoid bandeau tops and boy shorts that accentuate boyish figures

Choosing the right type of swimwear can create features that a woman is not blessed with while downplaying body issues the wearer finds unflattering. Using the guidelines highlighted above, a woman can choose the style she prefers and select the amount of coverage that makes her feel the most comfortable.

How to Buy Swimwear on eBay

You can find just about any style, design, or brand of swimwear on eBay, including Triumph and Roxy. Start by entering keywords into the search bar to describe the type of swimsuit that you are looking for. Avoid using a general search such as 'swimsuit', and instead search for something more specific like 'black tankini'. This ensures that you do not end up with more results than you can effectively sort through. The advanced search feature allows you to select more options to focus your search.

Once the initial results are returned, begin narrowing down the options by selecting different options such as colour, size, style, brand, and more. After that, you can begin looking at the description for each item. You can sort the listing by prices to find the swimsuit that fits within your budget. Also assess the condition of the swimsuit to make sure that it is still in good shape before finalising your purchase.


Shopping for swimwear does not have to be a difficult. By learning about the different styles of swimwear available and which styles are flattering for what body types, a woman knows what to look for before she begins her search. She knows what styles she should avoid based on her particular body shape. Whether shopping for a one-piece or a two-piece swimsuit, there are a number of styles available to flatter any body type. Armed with this information, women do not have to feel self-conscious when it comes to shopping for swimsuits. Shoppers looking for the best deals and the largest selection of swimsuits should find everything they need, including a variety of other poolside and beach-related accessories, on eBay.

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