The Complete Virginia Andrews Book List

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Virginia Andrews has written some fantastic thriller novels in the series listed below.  Although she died in 1986, a carefully select ghostwriter is continuing her writing and legacy.  Her book list is below, taken from the completevca website.

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The Dollanganger Series
Flowers in the Attic . Petals on the Wind . If There Be Thorns . Seeds of Yesterday . Garden of Shadows    (1979-1987) 

The Adare Novel
My Sweet Audrina    (1982) 

The Casteel Series
Heaven . Dark Angel . Fallen Hearts . Gates of Paradise . Web of Dreams    (1985-1990) 

The Cutler Series
Dawn . Secrets of the Morning . Twilight's Child . Midnight Whispers . Darkest Hour    (1990-1993) 

The Landry Series
Ruby . Pearl in the Mist . All That Glitters . Hidden Jewel . Tarnished Gold    (1994-1996) 

The Logan Series
Melody . Heart Song . Unfinished Symphony . Music in the Night . Olivia    (1996-1999) 

The Orphans Miniseries
Butterfly . Crystal . Brooke . Raven . Runaways . Orphans    (1998-2000) 

The Wildflowers Miniseries
Misty . Star . Jade . Cat . Into the Garden . The Wildflowers    (1999-2001) 

The Hudson Series
Rain . Lightning Strikes . Eye of the Storm . The End of the Rainbow . Gathering Storm    (2000-2001, 2006) 

The Shooting Stars Miniseries
Cinnamon . Ice . Rose . Honey . Falling Stars . Shooting Stars    (2001-2002) 

The De Beers Series
Prequel: Dark Seed . Willow . Wicked Forest . Twisted Roots . Into the Woods . Hidden Leaves    (2002-2003) 

The Broken Wings Series
Broken Wings . Midnight Flight    (2003) 

The Gemini Series 
Celeste . Black Cat . Child of Darkness   (2004-2005) 

The Shadows Series
April Shadows . Girl in the Shadows   (2005-2006) 

The Early Spring Series
Broken Flowers . . .  more to be released..

The Short Stories
Cage of Love . The Little Psychic    (2001)

Other Books
Gods of Green Mountain . Checklist and Reference Guide . Trivia and Quiz Book . A Critical Companion . Three Complete Novels

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