The Cord, The Bag & The Story Sheet

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The Cord, The Bag & The Story Sheet

Every piece comes with a braided or plaited waxed braid cord with bound in loop and toggle, along with woven native flax bag designed to show of the traditional styling and beauty of the carving.
The cords are selected to best compliment the carving so a small piece would have a fine cord where most other pieces would have a thick cord.

For the larger and more ornate carvings the cords are made from several strands of fine waxed braid hand twisted or plaited to form a durable cord with a very traditional feel and look . These cords are much thicker and also include a bound loop and carved bone, pearl or jade toggle similar to the natural colour cord shown on this page.

The cords for the smaller pieces (and carvings under EUR$60) are most often made of a soft but very strong waxed braid which again gives a very traditional look while being durable in all conditions. These cords are again normally fitted with a bound loop and bone, pearl or jade toggle but can also be supplied as a simple cord with two slip knots and no toggle that allows easy adjustment of the length.

Our cords come in two colours, natural as illustrated or black. Most carvings are supplied with a black cord.

In most cases the cord is attached by being looped through the carving so it can be easily removed but in some of the larger or more ornate pieces the cord is actually woven into the carving becoming an integral part of the design.

The length of the cords is such that the piece should sit in about the middle of the upper chest approximately 100 mm (4 inches) from the base of the neck. This makes the cord roughly 550mm (22 inches) in length when fitted to the carving.

The small bag or pouch (called a "Kete" in Maori) that also comes with every carving is made from treated and woven native flax. It is again designed to compliment your carving and also provide protection when it is not being worn. The Maori have used the fibre from the hardy flax plant for hundreds of years to make bags, baskets, mats, clothing, ropes, bindings and even the walls of their huts. It is therefore the most appropriate way to present and care for a traditional or even contemporary bone, pearl or jade carving.

Also supplied is an attractive information sheet telling of the meaning of the carving and a little about the Maori people.

If you require any further information dont hesitate to contact us thankyou.

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