The E-Bay sniper

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As we all know, E-bay is a great way to sell and buy. It's HUGE! who drives miles for shop's  that "may just" stock what your after, or only offer "limited" goods? E-bay! it's the way to go! just jump on the net in the comfort of your home, and find thing's you would never of imagine seeing at your normal retailer.

 And if that wasn't good enough, buying and selling just became better with the Auctioning and bidding! So you can always rely on the best price for your goods, wether your buying or selling.

BUT.. how do we use E-bay?

Well, there are many ways to use E-bay. You could just buy what ever it is your after at a great "buy now" price, or you could bid on it. Now the actual site it's self is very user friendly and explains Everything for you. Now you can go at it any way you like, but i would like to introduce you to the " E-Bay Sniper! "

 Now not just any one can be an " E-Bay Sniper!" It takes skill, whit and is certainly not for the fait hearted! To become an E-Bay sniper you first have to under stand the sniper.  Now the first rule of E-Bay sniper is patience, a true sniper never takes his shot till he knows he cant miss! That's the whole point of the E-bay sniper. he waits to get the best price on all items! regularly bidding on an item can rise the price which isn't what you want! You wait for the right time to take that shot. Now taking the shot isn't the hard part. Getting into position however, is another matter !

E-bay allows you to watch items and check the history of all dibs made on the item. You can view every thing from how many people are bidding, who they are, how much they bid on the item and when they made the bid! Now this is where the Snipers Whit comes into it. you must study the people who are bidding, distinguish friend from foe! cross check the times the bids were made, how much they bid, and who's bidding! You'll soon see who whats the item or not, and most of all.. Your main rivals! 

E-bay always displays how much time you have to bid on each item.                                                   Now the Sniper will grab out his mobile, clock, or diary and make a note for the very last 10minutes (give or take) of the bid! If you can set a timer, set it!

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! While the sniper waits he keeps his eye on his rivals and watches close for other up and coming threats. The Sniper always does his home work! Keep your eye on all current and new bidders in your auction.

Taking the shot! now comes the final few minutes,  the best rival to find is someone who seems to think they have the auction in the bag! they just sit tight and wait for the item to be theres! Now the sniper waits till the very last minute to avoid suspicion. Once your rival knows you want his item too, he will start bidding higher and up that price goes! This is why it's not for the faint hearted! The sniper waits till theres no chance of the rivals bidding again. The sniper takes the shot at the very last second! BAM! it's yours. don't make your bid till you know what the last highest bid was, and theres no chance of that bidder or any others bidding again!

Now what if it's different? What if the price goes through the roof or the bidding gets mean? The Sniper just as his friend the ninja is humble. he set's his price and sticks to it! he accepts defeat and disasters just as quick as he popped up in the first place!

Now you know the Snipers way you too can learn to be an aggressive, smart, and very affective E-bayer! just follow the Snipers way and off you go, perfecting your own uneac style!




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