The Global Village Frequently Asked Questions Guide

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Following are answers to our most frequently asked questions about postage and delivery, prices, lost emails, tax invoices, payment methods, different designs, and more...

TURNAROUND: How soon will my parcel arrive?

It depends on your location. Once payment has cleared, items are packaged at around midday on Sundays and Wednesdays, then items are despatched on Mondays and Thursdays, respectively. Please contact us if you want to know the expected delivery day for your order, but here is a guide:
Expected transit time:
NSW Sydney/ACT   4   business days
NSW Country      4-5 business days
QLD Brisbane     4   business days
QLD Country      4-7
business days
VIC Melbourne    3   business days
VIC Country      3-4 business days
SA Adelaide      1   business day
SA Country       1-2 business days
NT Darwin        5   business days
NT Country       5-7 business days
WA Perth         5   business days
WA Country       5-7 business days
TAS Hobart       4   business days
TAS Country      4-5 business days

HOW MUCH IS POSTAGE: What is postage to my location?

It depends on your location. We lower the postage rate for two or more bamboo curtains. Postage rates for 1 to 4 bamboo curtains are:

NSW Sydney/ACT     1 for $13.10, 2 for $16.50, 3 for $19.90, 4 for $23.30
NSW Country       
1 for $14.30, 2 for $18.90, 3 for $23.50, 4 for $28.10
VIC Melbourne      1 for $12.90, 2 for $16.10, 3 for $19.30, 4 for $22.50
VIC Country       
1 for $13.30, 2 for $16.90, 3 for $20.50, 4 for $24.10
QLD Brisbane       1 for $15.30, 2 for $20.90, 3 for $26.50, 4 for $32.10
QLD Near Country  
1 for $17.10, 2 for $24.50, 3 for $31.90, 4 for $39.30
QLD Mid Country    1 for $19.70, 2 for $29.70, 3 for $39.70, 4 for $49.70
QLD North Country  1 for $20.50, 2 for $31.30, 3 for $42.10, 4 for $52.90
SA Adelaide        1 for $7.702 for $7.70,  3 for $7.70,  4 for $7.70
SA Country        
1 for $10.10, 2 for $12.50, 3 for $14.90, 4 for $17.30
WA Perth           1 for $17.50, 2 for $25.30, 3 for $33.10, 4 for $40.90
WA Mid Country    
1 for $19.30, 2 for $28.90, 3 for $38.50, 4 for $48.10
WA North Country   1 for $20.10, 2 for $30.50, 3 for $40.90, 4 for $51.30
TAS                1 for $19.50, 2 for $29.30, 3 for $39.10, 4 for $48.90
NT                 1 for $20.10, 2 for $30.50, 3 for $40.90, 4 for $51.30


Country Queenslanders and country Western Australians email us with your postcode for the exact quote for two or more bamboo curtains. Or, for only one bamboo curtain, click the "Postage and payments" tab above the item's description.

REGISTERED POST: Can you tell me if you'll send by registered post?

Yes, for registered post, add $2.95 to the cost and select the option in the checkout.

HANDLING FEES: What are you handling fees?

We charge no handling fee, and charge no more than the base rate as Australia Post charges us.

LOCAL PICKUP: I was wondering if you do local pickup?

We do not offer local pickup for eBay or Internet orders.

DIFFERENT SHIPPING ADRESS: Can you send my curtains to a different address?

We're happy to send to alternative addresses, please contact us immediately after buying the item.

CHANGING YOUR ORDER: I know I bought the black but can I change my mind and have the natural?

Try to choose carefully before you buy. But we know people make mistakes, so we try to help if we can.

RETURNS POLICY: What is your returns policy?

Our returns policy is explained in the item description, by clicking on "Postage and Payment".

ITEM NOT DELIVERED: You have said that my parcel was despatched last week, but it hasn't arrived; are you sure you sent it?

We have not lost an item with Australia Post in 3 years, and have sent over 1000 items. However, there are sometimes delays. We use the estimated delivery times as provided by Australia Post. In some rare cases we have found that our item arrives a day late, even 2 or 3 days late. Also note that because the item is a relatively large size box, Australia post often deliver in the afternoon separate from regular mail. In other rare cases, we've found that occasionally parcels are waiting out the back of the post office, but for the post office has not notified the customer. If your item has not arrived, you need to ask your post office to check the back room for a long parcel, about 90cm long. The last resort is to lodge formal paperwork with Australia Post, but we've never needed to use this step.

INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE: I'm not in Australia, can you post to me?

We ship worldwide, by express post international only. We do not add a handling fee, though this option is still expensive but offers parcel tracking and insurance. We offer combined postage rates for more than one curtain.

EMAIL REPLY: I sent you an email yesterday, but you haven't responded?

Our email is monitored regularly. Occasionally we respond to emails, but our message has gone to the SPAM folder in your email program; or, have you changed your email on file with eBay? Please check these first. We will always receive your email, so if you're not receiving a response, please email with your phone number or mobile, and we'll gladly call you.

PHONE ORDERS: Can you call me about my order?

We are happy to call you for support, let us know a convenient time to call.

TAX INVOICES: Can you send me a tax invoice?

Tax invoices are printable from your eBay account, after a transaction is complete

BANK DEPOSIT: Can I pay by bank deposit, I don't have PayPal?

We accept both PayPal and Bank Deposit.

HOLD/LAYBY: Can I buy your curtain today, and pay next week?

Due to difficult negotiations with customers in the past, we're no longer offering to hold or layby items.

STOCK AVAILABILITY: Do you have any more of a certain design, there are none or not enough listed?

If there is an item we have listed before but it is not currently listed, we may be out of stock or the listing may have expired. If you want more of a design but there is only 1 listed, we will list more for you if we can.

DIFFERENT DESIGNS: Have you got a specific design, I don't see it listed?

We are not able to create custom-made designs because we buy in bulk.

MORE STRINGS: Have you got a specific design, with 125 strings?

We are not able to obtain specific designs in higher string count than is listed.

INSTALLATION TIPS: Are they easy to hang up?

Yes, please see our guide, click here.

SMALLER/LARGER CURTAINS: I have a smaller/larger doorway, do they come in different sizes?

No, but many of our customers have modified curtains themselves. We have written a guide on how to do it, click here.

DO THEY WORK: Will mosquitos and flies get through?

The bamboo curtains were originally designed to stop flying insects coming indoors. We have not yet heard of the bamboo curtains letting flying insects in. A 90 string curtain will keep out insects as well as a curtain with 125 strings. They won't stop crawling bugs that come in on the ground and walk under.

DOES IT GIVE PRIVACY: I want the curtain for a bedroom, does it provide privacy?

We don't recommend bamboo curtains for a room like a bedroom. The amount of privacy depends on the lighting; if your lights are on in a room and its dark outside of the room, you can see through easily. Some people use them for a front door of a house, during the day when the outside light reflects off of the beads, BUT we can not recommend this because it might not work for you.

CURTAIN LENGTH: I want two the same length.

If you are ordering more than one, and want them to be the same length, this wont be the case as each can vary in length by up to 7cm.

WHOLESALE: Can I buy wholesale?

We only wholesale to retail stores, we do not sell wholesale to the public.

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