The Hazards of Bidding

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Before bidding for any item on ebay be aware of the "hazards" involved.  Have you considered how much the item is worth or how much you are prepared to pay?  A lot of buyers go into the bidding arena sometimes with an attitude of win at any cost ( as long as you can afford it). Be warned, before bidding on any item,do your homework. Search the site you're interested in and if possible look for the item that may be listed as a "buy now" item. If you find it then you have the highest price you will pay for it. Check out the seller's feedback.  Are they reliable?  Check out the shipping costs including delivery time etc. I personally at one time made the mistake of going after an item I wanted very much. I was unprepared and ended up paying twice as much as I shoud have. Unfortunately I was unaware that the same seller was selling the item as a "buy now" at half the price I paid for it. Use the search bar for the item you want and go  into the bidding fully armed with as much info as you can get.

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