The Health Benefits Of Camping Adventures

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Health Benefits of Camping:" Escaping the Rat Race of Daily Life"

Did you know that camping can actually benefit your health? Most people get so wrapped up in the rat race of daily life that they either forget about, or don't take the time, to get back to the basics.
Camping provides that escape we all need from daily life. It also offers a chance to commune with nature and appreciate the simple basic needs of life. Picture yourself making this healthful little journey and enjoying the benefits of a brief communion with nature.

Reduce Stress:
The car is loaded and you're heading for your favourite, out-of-the-way camping spot. You have begun your escape from the rat race. Already you can feel the tension in your neck and shoulders ease as you leave the city behind. You are travelling that winding road toward your camping destination and your mini-vacation. After an hour or two of leisurely driving, you arrive at your camping place. It’s time to get back to the basics.

The car is unloaded, the tent is pitched and you're on a mission to search for some wood for your campfire. Axe in hand, you begin your hike amongst the trees looking for fallen branches and small logs you can cut and carry back to your site. Above you, two squirrels chatter happily to each other as they chase one another up and down a tree. You smile to yourself, remembering why you came here. To escape and clear your mind. To renew and cleanse your spirit. To give yourself a healthy respect for the smallest, simplest joys of life. To learn from these small creatures that a healthy life is not a constant rat race.

New Discoveries:

As you continue your leisurely jaunt on the outskirts of the camp ground, you happen upon a clearing. It’s a field of tall grass and wildflowers, but doesn't offer much promise in the way of firewood. As you are about to turn to leave, you spot some motion several yards away. You focus on the area and realize you have happened upon a doe and her fawn resting in the cool grass. You smile to yourself as you watch the mother gently bathing her child, aware of your presence, yet not threatened. This is daily life in nature, no headaches, no rushing. The rest of your tension has left your body and you walk slowly, happily back to your camping area.

A Healthy Outlook:
Already you find yourself feeling calmer, healthier. Dusk has begun to settle over your camping site and a cool breeze has drifted in. You breathe deeply of the early evening air and feel it cleanse your lungs, your body, your soul. As you sit silently in front of your campfire, enjoying the last of your favourite camping meal, heated over an open flame, you hear the wind rustling in the trees and the birds chirping all around you. You feel yourself smiling and stress free.

Appreciation for Life:
You have slept soundly and peacefully through the night and awake early to the morning songs of the birds. The air is brisk and the campground is silent as you slowly, quietly gather your things and re-load your car. Driving away toward home you smile and a healthy and relaxed feeling envelopes your very being.

One night of escape from the rat race of daily life was all it took for you to appreciate the health benefits of camping. You will appreciate a good shower and central air conditioning and all of your high-tech toys that you've taken for granted. The guy in the SUV beside you swerves into your lane and cuts you off. You wave him through and think to yourself " you go ahead, I have all day and I'm not rushing." The rat race has become tolerable once again. Only, next time, you're going camping for two or three nights.

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