The Health Fitness And Energy Benefits Of Cycling

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The Health, Fitness And Energy Benefits Of Cycling


The best thing about cycling is that you don't have to be fit, you don't need an expensive bike and you can ride almost anywhere! There are a variety of benefits of cycling, of which I will go through in this guide.

The benefits of cycling for the individual!


- The main benefit associated with cycling is improved cardiovascular fitness.  This is because cycling improves the strength of your heart, which lowers your resting heart rate and reduces blood fat levels.  It also is beneficial to your lungs, as they are forced to expand to get more oxygen into the body.  Having a strong heart and lungs is the basis for almost every sport.

- Another benefit is weight loss.  Cycling is a great sport to take up to loose weight, as you can ride almost anywhere with a bike.  Research shows that you can burn up to 570 calories cycling hard for 30 minutes!  The best thing about cycling to loose weight is that you can enjoy the outdoors whilst your doing it!

- If you cycle regularly you will also increase your muscle tone, resulting in a better looking body!

- Vitamin D from sunlight is another positive you will get from cycling.  Getting just 15 minutes exposure a day can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and all types of cancer.

- Other benefits include a more active lifestyle, reduced back pain, stress reduction, a stronger immune system and increased joint movement!


As you can see there are a huge amount of benefits associated with cycling.  But wait... what about the benefits for everyone!


The benefits of cycling for everyone!


Cleaner air - The more people who cycle, the less cars are on the road which results in a lower pollution level.

Lower obesity rate - As more people take up cycling, the more people start to notice the variety of benefits associated with cycling, and the less overweight the population becomes as a whole.


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