The Most Anticipated Showbags for Easter Show 2015

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The Sydney Royal Easter Show is one of the biggest events in Australia, with a wide variety of different things to see and do. Although there are many exhilarating carnival rides, exciting competitions, concerts, and delicious local delicacies, many people look forward to the wide variety of showbags offered at the event. Local and international brands put together bags full of goodies and sell them at Easter Show. Each year offers visitors a selection of popular favourites and new choices.


For the kids

Kids can find many exciting showbags at Easter Show. Brands offer different selections that feature popular characters and toys for children of all ages.


Disney showbags are always popular at Easter Show. Previous years have included Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse bags, containing accessories, lip-gloss, games, and other memorabilia. The 2015 event is sure to include a variety of exciting Disney-themed bags.

Monster High

Monster High dolls are popular with girls and young teens, so Monster High bags are usually big sellers. The 2014 showbag included nail polish, hair extensions, lip-gloss, a charm bracelet, and a handbag, so 2015's bag is bound to be good.

Hello Kitty

Easter Show 2014 boasted a Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty KISS bag. The Hello Kitty option included an umbrella, sunglasses, school supplies, hair clips, and several other goodies. The Hello Kitty KISS bag blended Hello Kitty with the rock band, KISS.

Sesame Street

Sesame Street showbags are delightful choices for young children. Boys and girls can discover a variety of items featuring their favourite characters, such as Elmo, Big Bird, and Oscar. Previous showbags have included items such as toys, stickers, backpacks, and lanterns.


Due to the popular film franchise, Transformers are hot toys for boys and for quite a few girls as well. Past showbags have included backpacks, caps, stickers, and temporary tattoos. Children who are fans of the toys can look forward to surprises in 2015's bag.


For adults

Although many brands offer showbags for kids and families, there is plenty of selection for mums, dads, and childless visitors. Easter Show includes bags with themes like rugby league, music, and popular magazines.


AC/DC is one of the most famous bands to ever come out of Australia, so it is no surprise that AC/DC showbags are usually big hits at Easter Show. The 2014 showbag offered a shirt, backpack, cap, speaker set, devil horns, and an inflatable bat, giving fans plenty of memorabilia to add to their collections.

NRL bags

Rugby league fans can usually find a wide variety of different NRL bags at Easter Show. Teams from all over the country, such as the Sydney Roosters and Melbourne Storm, are usually represented. Past bags have included fan memorabilia such as caps, team flags, drink bottles, and sports bags.

Magazine bags

Visitors can find many magazine-themed bags at Easter Show. If past events are any indication, 2015 will have a variety of great bags to choose from. The 2014 Easter Show included an ELLE bag, which was full of goodies such as magazines, cosmetics, treats, and a tote bag. The Australian Women's Weekly bag offered magazines, vouchers, tea, seasoning mixes, and a variety of other items.


Tasty treats

Not all showbags are centred around movies, toys, and sports. Many popular food and drink companies offer bags filled with tasty treats for the whole family.


Cadbury bags are always huge sellers at Easter Show. Visitors can always find bags full of popular chocolates and sweets such as Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Twirl, and Time Out.


Coca-Cola is another annual favourite at Easter Show. The company's 2014 bag included a can of Coke as well as a variety of themed memorabilia, including a bottle opener, can cooler, cap, and ice tray.


Gourmet fans also have many showbags to choose from, and Lindt bag are usually hits. Previous bags have included plenty of chocolate treats, such as Lindor eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Lindt chocolate bars.


How to buy showbags on eBay

If you did not manage to snap up your favourite showbag at last year's event, or you collect vintage showbag memorabilia, shopping on eBay is a great way to find new and vintage showbags. You can browse the available selection by doing a basic search for "showbag", or look for specific items with specific search terms. Use filters to narrow down your results by condition, colour, item type, or other criteria. You can also use categories to help find different kinds of showbags. 

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