The No-Fuss, Always Perfect French Manicure

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We have all tried them. Do-it-yourself French manicures sound like a great idea, but in reality the majority of at-home French manicures wind up looking like something you would find on a nail fail website. Rest assured, you can actually get perfect white tips minus the outrageous salon cost. Follow these easy steps to get a perfect French manicure every time:

Do a dry manicure on yourself and remove your cuticles. Buff your nails and remove any excess oil to prevent smudgy, uneven tips. French manicures should look natural so you don't want to have a bumpy base.

Apply a thin layer of Shellac base coat. Cure your nails for ten seconds. Next, apply a sheer pink colour to your finger nails or toe nails to create a natural looking base. Cure your nails for two minutes after you apply the sheer pink colour.

Apply Shellac in "Cream Puff" to the tips of your nails. You will make two thin strokes across the top. If you are not comfortable you can perform small vertical strokes on the tip of the nail. If you do create a smudge use a rounded or square end brush dampened with isopropyl to clean up the edges.

Once you have created the perfect white tip, cure your nails for two minutes. Now, apply a thin top layer of Shellac top coat. Cure your nails for two minutes and then use isopropyl alcohol to remove the top layer tacky of film from your nails.

Use these simple suggestions to create flawless, natural looking nails. Now you too can create a classic french manicure. These tips will give you a perfect French manicure every time and we've got you covered for everything you will need. Visit our store and check our French Manicure kit. Picking your own French pink or clear is absolutely welcome. Just contact us for more details.
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