The Number 1 Thing To Take With You When Travelling

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Portable Power

If there's one thing living in the 21st Century has done for us, it's our ability to always be in contact with friends and relatives, no matter where in the world we are. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Kick and Twitter have turned our mobile phones into mobile computers.
In fact I sometimes laugh quietly to myself on my overseas trips as I regularly observe similar behaviours in regards to the use of our mobile devices, whether it be in China, USA, Europe or Asia. 
What is this behaviour? Put simply, people don't really use their phones for talking anymore! They post status updates, selfies, tweets etc via their mobile device, quite happily wrapped up in their tech world until their phone battery says 10% left.
In the tech world, we call this 'run flat phobia', an all too common phobia that is regularly experienced now that we can load as many apps to our device as we can fit, each chewing up their little percentage of battery use whether they are being used or not.
I've seen respectable business people, students and mums and dads turn into recharge monsters as they fight for the one spare outlet at the airport lounge, bus station, hotel lobby, pool bar or youth hostel, and believe it or not physical altercations over the need to recharge their iPhone or Samsung!
I've played the peacemaker role on several occasions, simply by offering my Jackery Giant Plus or my Jackery Bar to the warring parties along with the offer of a coffee and donut!
Our Jackery products are universal and allow you to stay charged 24/7, in fact we have recently  been ranked as the number 1 external battery charging company on Amazon in the USA. Please enjoy our video attached and then head over to

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