The Power Of Stones- Gemstone Meanings & Properties

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This guide gives you a basic overview of the hidden power of common gem stones. For thousands of years stones have been thought to contain hidden powers, both spiritually and physically, which, when used correctly, can benefit the wearer.

Amethyst, the stone of spirituality and sobriety

During the 18th and 19th centuries gemstones grew in popularity. Stones such as onyx, jet and obsidian were used in mourning jewellery and clothing. Certain arrays of stones could convey messages and combinations of stones were thought to help heal, protect and promote good fortune. For example the combination of Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond in a ring or pendant stood for regard.

When spiritualism came in in the late 19th century the power of stones were adopted into many peoples beliefs. Renowned mystic Edgar Cayce once said that gems real value lies in the fact that they are essentially the same material as the soul. A large part of the life readings he gave told of the vibrations and colours that certain stones could effect upon the wearer.

A nice example of a quartz pendant surrounded by Indian Sterling Silver


Below is a list of common gemstones used in jewelry and their hidden properties.


Agate (Brown) - deals with change, gentle and comforting, good for shyness and protection

Agate (Green)- Improves Health, promotes compassion and good fortune.

Amber- heightens creativity, promotes luck and Healing. Helps calm the nerves and find knowledge.

Amethyst -- the stone of spirituality and sobriety. Promotes calmness and clarity. Protects, heals and promotes dreams

Carnelian - inspires courage and confidence whilst dispersing negativity. Helps to focus the mind, inspire creativity and acceptance

Citrine- promotes optimism, generosity and pleasure. Inspires confidence, will power and stability.

Garnet - Promotes passion, creative inspiration, productivity and self confidence.

Lapis lazuli- promotes self expression, creativity, insight and truthfulness. It protects against negative influences.

Labradorite- provides clarity, dreams. Promotes self esteem and creativity.

Malachite- used for purification and healing. Associated with loyalty, protection, balance, peace and leadership.

Moonstone -- Linked closely with the moon, this is seen to be a feminine stone. Encourages new beginnings, fosters love, unselfishness, Divination and Psychism.

Onyx: Banishes grief and depression whilst enhancing self control and determination. Creates Balance and gives protection

Peridot-promotes health, wealth and sleep. It receives and transmits healing energy

Quartz- associated with meditation, clarity of thought and wisdom. Helps to clear the head and discover direction. Promotes self esteem.

Rose quartz- Associated with love. Enhances kindness, and peace and attracts positive energy.

Snowflake Obsidian- Protection, wards off negativity. Promotes detachment and sharpens perception. Helps clear unconscious blocks and promotes insight and change.

Tiger eye- promotes mental clarity and emotional balance. Heightens energy and brings good luck.

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