The Real Benefits Of Dyneema SK75 Synthetic Fibre Rope

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The Benefits You Gain When Using Your Winch With Dyneema Synthetic Fibre Rope Includes:


  • Stronger, Lighter - Much easier to run up the hill, saving you some weight on your heavy vehicle.
  • Easy to clean- Synthetic materials is a bonus! Simply remove the rope from your winch, put it in a bucket of water and watch that mud desolve instantly!
  • A 12 Strand braided rope from Dyneema SK75 world’s strongest fibres allowing higher break loads and making this absolutely durable , especially for comptetion offroad users.
  • Chemical resistant, which means it will not harm or deteriorate the quality of rope over time.
  • A unique coating which ensures shape stability and increased abrasion resistance for longer working-life!
  • Dyneema Synthetic rope is heat-set under tension to ensure maximum strength and durability.
  • UV resistant rope to withstand the demands of any harsh terrain or usage. A melting point of 156 Degrees!
  • Will not splinter, kink or curl like wire rope & floats in water.
  • Significantly stronger than same diameter steel cable and up to 40% stronger than Kevlar.
  • 1/8 the weight of the same diameter wire rope.

Be assured that you can rest easy when you choose our trusted dyneema synthetic ropes because they will get the job done safely and productively. When your standard steel winch cable snaps, it reacts like snapping an elastic band- It comes back and bites you!

However, in the event that you exceed the breaking strain limit using Dyneema SK-75 Rope it is like breaking cotton- it comes back and falls with no real impact! So the dyneema is much safer especially while winching towards the maximum break load limits!

Above all, This Genuine Dyneema breakthrough technology has persistently proven its superior qualities. Due to its synthetic materials, Dyneema can solve the weight of wire ropes and most importantly- your safety!

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