The Real Benefits Of Using A Silent Inverter Generator

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The Benefits You Gain Out Of Your Inverter Generator Includes:

  • High Quality Power Output: The precision of the Inverter Generator electronic technology ensures its power is closer to normal "line power" in more than any other generator design. Inverter  Generators produce power that is as reliable as the power you get from your power outlets at home.


  • Lighter, smaller size: Advanced engineers use inverter technology to integrate parts from the engine and the generator. The mechanical parts to the alternator are now combined with the engine flywheel. This allows inverter generators to be smaller and lighter in weight than most conventional models.


  • High Fuel Efficiency: Economy- Throttle allows the generators engine to automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only the power needed for the appliance in use. Traditional generators have to run at 3600 rpm to produce 60 hertz (cycle) electricity. But  inverter generators with Economy throttle can run at much slower rpms while maintaining frequency and power for the requested load. Because the engine does not have to run at full speed constantly, Economy throttle reduces fuel consumption by up to 40%. It also helps to reduce exhaust emissions.


  • Quiet Operation: Silent inverter generators are substantially quieter than traditional generators. The Economy throttle also reduces the noise level ,  along with the sponge dampening materials that absorb the engine's sound to help make the inverter generators incredibly quiet.


  • Parallel Capability: Inverter Generators can be paired with another identically sized unit to double your power capacity. Parallel capability allows you to use two smaller, lighter generators to do the work of a much larger generator without effecting portability.


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