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"THE SECRET" DVD - amazing insight to life!
 I brought "The Secret" DVD from Ebay.  It was recommend from my brother as the most revealing movie from this century.
The first time I watched it I was wondering "What was that, very weird!".  The second time I started to open my mind.
The third time I knew what it was going on about.  The Secret has a meaning Behind the Secret.  Watching it opens your whole mind set and takes it to a different level, like you have never been to before.
To get the WHOLE benefit from the movie, watch it not once, not twice but at least three times.  Discuss it with your family and friends as see what they think.
Since watching the DVD my mind is ticking over.  I see the world in a different light, with my eyes wide open.  My thinking has changed, my outlook on life is totally different.  It will give you a total different view on the world and what is going on around you.  The Secret has changed my life, we are moving forward as a family like we have never done before.  I challenge you to watch the Secret and tell me what it does for you?  Will it affect you just like it has affected my core values.  I know that it does not seem possible but The Secret can open your eyes, your mind, your heart, your whole life.
The Secret has given me the tools to make our life a success.  Go on, give yourself the best you deserve, get your copy of The Secret and see it transform you.
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