The Secret of Getting a Bargain.

Like if this Guide is helpful
I'd to share my secrets with you about how to get a Bargain.
Now it's not as easy you think, because it takes practice confidence and action.

- So briefly in a few steps is how to get a bargain.

- Find the item you want or need. that could be anything at all, appliances, couch, tv, fridge, ipod.

Let's use an iPod for an example..

So now on the market there are a whole range of I pods, small (iPod mini /iPod Nano -Mmedium (iPod touch/  iPhone/ iPod Classic) and large- ( iPad 1/2/3/4 and iPad Mini) Ok so what ever the item is Make the decision.

-Shop around, Yes it's time consuming, but it'll be worth it in the end when you score big savings 10-30dollars maybe more of the retail value.

-Online- Every store is online these days, Go to there online store some time it's an incentive to buy online, sometime with free postage as a bonus for doing so.

-In store- go to the stores and compare prices, some items like iPods are carefully prices pretty much the same, as the prices are made by Apple, and very rarely on sale at a discounted rate. 

Discount's, ask the cashier for the best price they can do, sometimes a bundle deal, so add in a case and earphones or whatever as deal.

Summing Up, You can score amazing Bargains just buy flicking through catalogues as well, cheap exersize, and you may even stumble upon another item you want.
I went to Jb hi-fi the other day, bought an xBox, went to EB games, they had the console for $199.00 aus
I went back to Jb hifi they guy took 36 dollars straight of the price cause I asked the best price he could, and I ended up getting some games as well.. worked out great..

Ok I hope this Baragin guide helps you to get a Great bargain this new Year!, and Questions Send me a message.. Cheers!
Oh and Check out my store, more items coming soon.!

Happy New year!
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