The Smart Ebayer's Guide

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A Skimpy Foreword

In the world of ebay, there are many various items up for sale.

I'm sure you, the reader know this, as to be reading this guide probably means you have an interest in the workings of ebay, you're new and want to know how to go about purchasing items, or you're simply in dire need of entertainment. Either way, I'm not offering much in this guide, just a simple touch on what you MUST know, in ebaying. I cannot guarantee however, that you'll be able to find what you're looking for, in the sections ahead.

The First (and only) Section
The Sword And Shield Of Ebaying

So you've gotten your paypal account, ebay account, and are ready to rock, and thats great! But just hold your horses for a few moments and take a look through the first few steps of ebaying.

The First (and only) Subtitle
The Almighty Dollar, and its relation to The Holy Grail, The Sidebar

So its just a dollar. A "$" symbol. A symbol for your money, your hard earned money that you will now proceed to use to purchase your products. All's good there... until you step out into the marketplace. Its a whole sea of numbers out there, and how is one supposed to sift through the sea of dollar signs until you find that one item, with 2 minutes remaining on auction, that is just within your budget? Well you'd have to start by using the wonderous side bar. Its that complex looking pale yellow bar to the left of your window (After you've entered a search query and hit "enter")

That bar, is the Holy Grail, the Crown Jewel of your ebay experience. It can cause your ebay experience to be the next thing to heaven on earth. (Except we probably won't have PayPal in heaven)
Now if you would look down, somewhere near the "Show Items" button, you'll see a word, "Listing"
And then a drop down tool bar with a few options. Namely, "Ending Within", "Ending In More Than" and "Started Within" . Just beneath that is a checkbox, and the words "Item Priced", with two blank boxes underneath seperated by a "to". Now these, are your sword and shield of ebaying.

The Listing section, your sword, allows you to slice through the thick undergrowth of results, leaving you in fresh open meadows where only those that are ending soon, show through, ready and ripe for your inspection.

The "Item Priced" section, your shield, defending you against the over inflated prices of the enemy, (I'm not implying that SELLERS are the enemy, but you get my point)

Now armed with these two weapons, it is time to wage war upon the sea of items out there.

For example, I would do a search for T-Shirts ending within "1 day", and within the prices of $10 to $20

and voila.

I would have all the results I needed, open for selection and careful consideration.

How, you may ask, does this relate to the almighty dollar?

It solves the problem of sifting through various search results and running the risk of purchasing something at a higher price than you could have if you'd used the side bar to search for specific results.

Three Cheers to Ebay for coming up with that innovation.

It WILL save you money and time.

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