The Trail of Painted Ponies

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History of the Trail of Painted Ponies:

The Trail of Painted Ponies originated in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2001 as a public art project that invited one-hundred and twenty artists to let their imaginations run wild, and creatively transform life-size fiberglass horse sculptures into original works of art. The dazzling results were displayed around the entire state of New Mexico where they were enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. The Painted Ponies received rave reviews in the national media and were featured in a documentary film that aired on PBS stations around the country. When sold, they generated close to one million dollars for different arts, cultural, youth, animal, social and environmental organizations.
(excerpt from the painted ponies site-tale of the trail)

These pony figurines are very popular & sought after in America & now it seems that Australia is not that far behind with quite a few serious collectors out there.

When purchasing a pony, ensure it is an original by purchasing from a trusted seller. The lower the edition, the higher the value of the pony. Each edition comprises of 10,000 ponies (1E/????).

Also, once a pony is put out to pasture (Retired) its value increases further as the production has ceased. Now, if you have a pony that is a 1E, 2E or 3E that combines with the Retired status, you have a pony that will only keep on increasing in value over time.

Serious collectors are known to add only the 1E or 2E ponies to their collection & are happy to pay more to acquire these very sought after ponies as it ensures that they will still be in high demand once they Retire & this automatically increases their value further!

Up until now, there was only a US site of the Trail of Painted Ponies, but now we have one in Australia as well where you can derive more information locally & also go see the actual ponies before adding them to your collection!

If you would like a collectors checklist, or have any questions, feel free to email me via the eBay message system.

The Checklist shows which Release the Pony is from, the Status & also which Edition the Pony was Retired at.

Welcome to the Trail........

CF-Painted Ponies

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