The Ultimate Guide to Marantz Amplifiers

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The Ultimate Guide to Marantz Amplifiers

There are a multitude of different brands that manufacture their own amplifiers, but Marantz is one of the more popular brands on the market. Marantz amplifiers are appreciated for the fact that they are mid-level in terms of price but perform to a high standard in comparison to other amplifiers of the same price range.

The brand has been making audio equipment for over fifty years and is considered to be one of the major influences on the way that many other brands make their amplifiers in more contemporary times. There is a wide range of Marantz amplifiers available, most of which are listed either as new or used on eBay at prices that are affordably and sensibly priced.

Marantz: A Background

· Saul Marantz, founder and original engineer, sold his first audio-based pre-amp in 1952.

· After being bought out by a brand known as Superscope, Marantz begin to expand their range of audio products.

· Production spread from pre-amps to amplifiers, receivers, loudspeaker systems, solid-state recorders, and eventually home stereo systems and CD players.

· Electronics giants Phillips acquired the company in 1992.

· Saul Marantz passed away in 1997 and the company moved its production facilities to Japan.

· Marantz continues to produce the high quality products it is famous for and sells them around the world.

Marantz Amplifier Components

Marantz amplifiers have the same components as others in terms of functionality, but they have a class design that makes them easily recognisable amongst other branded amplifiers.

Here is a table denoting the various standard amplifier components, as well as the component designs special to Marantz amplifiers:

Marantz Amplifier Components



The display on Marantz amplifiers is often fairly small in comparison to other brands of amplifier. It is often square and sits in the middle of the interface, sandwiched in between two control dials.

The display is LCD and shows the various information that most standard amplifiers will show, including channel selection, volume, tuning options (if fitted for radio use), track name, and track number.


As mentioned above, there are distinct design features that come with Marantz amplifiers. This will often come in the form of the interface controls.

Marantz amplifiers will have two control dials that sit either side of the LCD display. One will be the volume dial (the level of volume will be shown on the display as the dial is turned) and the other will be the input dial. This input dial will allow the user to determine which input and channel is being used and most Marantz amplifiers will have a multitude of inputs available, depending on the model.

Marantz amplifiers also have bass, treble, and balance controls situated underneath the display.

Most of the displays on Marantz amplifiers are complimented by LED lights, making the amplifier as a whole easy on the eye.


The inputs are where Marantz amplifiers are similar to most other amplifiers available on the market.

They will have RCA inputs, auxiliary inputs (which may be on the front of the amplifier), and some models will have Component video inputs to be used alongside a television.


The feet on Marantz amplifiers are used as a means of raising the amplifier away from the surface that it rests on.

Whilst some amplifiers will have this design feature, all Marantz features will have feet on each corner of the amplifier to reduce vibration and to isolate the amplifier, keeping it away from external noise.

Heat Sink

The majority of new Marantz amplifier models will have extremely effective heat sink technology fitted.

This is often complimented with a grill on the top of the amplifier to allow for the heat to dissipate into the surrounding air. For this reason, it is recommended that no other audio equipment be placed on top of a Marantz amplifier.

Marantz Amplifier Ranges

· The most popular Marantz amplifier model is the PM range. The PM range is an integrated amplifier.

· Marantz PM amplifiers are followed by a number to determine which model it is.

· One of the most popular Marantz PM amplifiers is the PM6004 but some of the newer models, including the PM-11S3 and the PM15S2 are becoming more popular.

· Marantz PM amplifiers tend to be of the same width (440 millimetres) but can range in height and depth depending on the model. It is wise to take note of the measurements before making a purchase. This should be done in order to make sure that the Marantz amplifier fits in its designated space without affecting the cables or aesthetics of the space.

· There are other Marantz amplifier ranges available, including the SR and MM ranges.

Marantz Amplifier Technology

Marantz amplifiers use certain technologies to ensure that their performance is kept at the level that they are famous for.

These technologies make sure that sound quality is as high as possible, without compromising the design or the price of the amplifier:

Marantz Amplifier Technologies


Current Feedback

Marantz amplifiers have a unique Current Feedback technology that allows for the amplifier to have fast reproduction and wide bandwidth.

This helps to keep the negative feedback to as small an amount as possible, which in turn means that the maximum amount of bandwidth is used.

Toroidal Transformer

A lot of amplifiers will use a standard EI core transformer. However, Marantz amplifiers use a toroidal transformer.

This type of transformer ensures that the external vibrations of the amplifier are kept as low as possible. This makes for an overall higher quality of sound.

Copper Plated Chassis

Marantz amplifiers use a copper plated chassis as a means of preventing internal vibrations and noise from other components affecting the amplification of the intended audio signal.

Finding Marantz Amplifiers on eBay

Whilst Marantz amplifiers can be purchased from regular electronics and audio equipment stores on the high street, as well as online audio equipment retailers, one of the best places to purchase one is on an auction site such as eBay.

To find Marantz Amplifiers on the site, visit the Electronics category and select the Audio option from the menu at the side of the page. Once on the audio listings, select the Amplifiers refinement tab. On this page there is a ‘Brand’ refinement tab, click the Marantz tab. Alternatively, one can type ‘Marantz’ and the desired range or model into the keyword search bar to tailor the search to personal tastes.

One can also visit the Electronic Deals section of eBay to browse the best deals on the site that day.

Buying Marantz Amplifiers on eBay

Before using eBay’s recommended payment method, PayPal, one needs to decide whether to use the Buy It Now, Bidding, or Best Offer buying option before making a transaction. The option that is made available to buyers depends on both the product and the seller, so it is best to have a full comprehension of how each option works before attempting to use them.


Marantz amplifiers are well known and popular for the fact that they are reasonably priced in comparison to how well they perform and the quality of sound that they allow for.

These properties are only allowed because of the various technologies that Marantz incorporate into their amplifier designs and the specialised care and design features that go into their production mean that they come highly recommended.

By understanding and knowing about how Marantz amplifiers work, one can be purchased on the likes of eBay at a price that may not be able to be found elsewhere.

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