The Ultimate Guide to Texas Instruments Calculators

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The Ultimate Guide to Texas Instruments Calculators

Texas Instruments is a large, internationally known American company who make semiconductor products in addition to selling semiconductors to electric designers and manufacturers. As well as products such as microcontrollers, multi-care processors and home computers, Texas Instruments also produce a huge range of calculators that are popular within the education industry, in addition to general consumers. Luckily, eBay offers this fantastic range of calculators at affordable prices.

The range of calculators offered requires careful consideration on a number of features and specifications. Fortunately, this guide will provide information that will help buyers make the right decision on a suitable calculator, and inform buyers how to purchase them safety and simply on eBay.

Texas Instruments Inc.

This section will provide an overview of the company, including what they do and what their products have to offer:

Texas Instruments was founded in 1951. In the early 1950s, Texas Instruments produced the world’s first commercial silicon transistor. Texas Instruments researched infrared technology and later created radar systems and guidance control systems for bombs and missiles. Texas Instruments did not introduce handheld calculators until 1967. Texas Instruments focused on these, as well as other consumer electronics, such as digital clocks and watches, throughout the 1970s and the 1980s.

In 2007, Texas Instruments was awarded Manufacturer of the Year for Global Supply Chain Excellence by the World Trade Magazine, and ranked 175 in the Fortune 500 in 2011. In addition to its highly rated products, it is also considered one of the most ethical companies in the world.

Texas Instruments are a hugely diverse group that embraces all cultures and ethnicities. They speak a number of languages and listen to a number of viewpoints. The company embraces honesty and integrity and has high ethical standards.

Semiconductors and Educational Technology products account for approximately 96% of Texas Instruments revenue, and their high standards are reflected within their range of calculators.

Types of Texas Instrument Calculators

It was the 1990s when Texas Instrument graphing calculators became popular with students and within the general education industry. The programming came with a basic interpreter that allowed simple programs to be created. The 1990s was the time when personal web pages were becoming popular, and Texas Instruments utilised this, and programs began creating websites to host their work. This led to webrings and large online communities.

One of the most popular early Texas Instrument calculators is the TI-30. One of the most popular graphing calculators is the TI-83 Plus. Many of the Texas Instrument calculators without graphing capabilities still sell really well.

Texas Instruments separate their calculators into five categories. Below is a list of those five categories and examples of specific calculators that fall within each category, and some of their specifications:

Graphing Calculators

Graphing calculators encourage interaction and connection between students, people, and the Internet.



TI-Inspire with Touchpad

Use of digital images, 3D graphing, two weeks of battery life, built in geometry capabilities, computer features and an easy to use touch pad.

TI-84 Plus

USB port, 24KB of RAM, horizontal and vertical split screen, up to 10 graphing functions and keyboard compatibility.

TI-73 Explorer

Scrollable home screen, English and metric conversions, I/O port, impact-resistant slide case, 32K bytes of RAM, and 64x96 pixel screen.

Scientific Calculators

Scientific calculators are used for general maths, algebra, trigonometry, and statistics, and are designed for very specific needs and professions.



TI-30XS MultiView

Dual powered, fixed decimal capabilities, logs and anti-logs, up to 8 pending operations, colour-coded keys and 7 memory variables.


Dual power, EOS, 5 memory variables, teacher training programs, error recovery capabilities, navigation key and fractions/decimal conversions.

TI-36X Pro

Single notation of pi, list formulas, 7 memory variables, 20 physical constants, LCD display, and up to 8 pending operations.

Elementary Calculators

Elementary calculators help young students with maths and science. They have fun and easy to use features to encourage learning.




Error recovery capabilities review and edit previous entries, scrolling keys, solar and battery power and EOS.


Large colour-coded keys, 3-key memory, 8-digital LCD display, low-light solar power and teacher training program.

Little Professor Solar

Rewards correct answers, solar powered, allow second attempts for incorrect answers, and have clearly listed difficulty levels.

Financial Calculators

Financial calculators are for specialised business functions, such as accountancy and real estate, and are necessary for related industries.




10 user memories, 10-digital display, APD, BGN/END payment setting, 4-digital frequencies, generate amortisation schedules, and solve time-value-of-money calculations.


Modified duration, 10 user memories, NFV, payback, and discounted payback, 4 methods of calculating depreciation, and BGN/END.

Basic Calculators

Basic calculators are portable and lightweight, suitable for on the go. They are suitable for a range of ages, professions, and uses.



TI-503 SV

Battery powered, automatic power down, roomy keyboard, and change sign.

TI-1795 SV

Solar and battery powered, angled display, square root key, and change sign.

TI-1706 SV

Colour-coded keyboard, protective case, change sign and solar and battery powered.

Buying a Texas Instruments Calculator on eBay

This section will inform buyers on how to use eBay to find the most suitable Texas Instruments calculator and how to make a purchase. It will also cover considerations to make within the searching and buying process, and highlight issues around safety.

· Although eBay offers a wide range of search filters to help find the most suitable calculator, it is worth doing some research beforehand to ensure the product is going to adhere to all personal requirements. Use other Internet sources to do more in-depth research about models and functions.

· When searching on eBay, start by selecting the Electronics category. Next, simply select the Calculator category for a large range of products. The option to view Texas Instruments calculators will reside within the ‘Brands’ section. There are also a number of additional filters offered by eBay to help narrow down the ideal buying process. For example, condition, including Brand New, and Used, and price, which involves the maximum price willing to pay; it is perfect for those with a budget for their Texas Instruments calculator.

· Once taken an interest in a suitable Texas Instrument calculator, be sure to be confident with the seller. Look at the seller’s feedback, and search for previous problems regarding similar products. Make sure other Texas Instruments calculators were received by other buyers in full working order, and were generally as described.

· Pay for the most suitable item from a reliable seller using PayPal. This will ensure both a quick and secure transaction.

· For further offers and price reductions, check out the eBay Deals page. Select their Electronics page and find more great products.

· Once the Texas Instruments calculator has arrived leave honest feedback about the transaction to help other users with future buys.


Texas Instruments is a reliable, economically friendly, and well thought of company. They produce high standards of products and sell everything from amplifiers, digital clocks, and even space and satellite products. It is no surprise that they offer a large range of calculators for a number of different kinds of people, from financial calculators for accountants to elementary calculators for young children.

Be sure about which type of calculator is going to be best for all requirements and uses. Research models and utilise eBay’s filter options. Be confident with a Texas Instruments calculator and the eBay seller before making a commitment. Leave feedback on receipt and be familiar with terms and conditions set out by both the seller and eBay.

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