The Ultimate Protection -- LifeProof iPhone 4/4s Case

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Protecting iPhones from spoilage has always been a priority for most iPhone users. As a result, all sorts of protective cases and pouches have mushroomed since the launch of the very first iPhone. In order to protect my device, I’ve always been careful about choosing the right case and have tried quite a few different ones. I have been using this LifeProof case for my iPhone 4 for a while now. I’m extremely happy with it so far and therefore I think it’s worthwhile to share my experience with more people.
Basically the case is designed to protect the iPhone from almost any possible situation in life. It’s shock proof, dirt proof, snow proof, and amazingly, water proof.


Toughness – The case is made with tough material and is resistant to most shocks and scratches. The level of protection is on par with most rugged cases.

Waterproofness – This is actually the only decent water proof case I have seen so far. Most of the other water proof gadgets are bulky pouches. This feature allows you to use your iPhone in a shower or rain.

Slimness – The case achieve the outstanding functions without compromising much on the size. It’s much thinner than most tough case, and is only half an inch longer than a naked iPhone, which allows you to put your phone into most pockets.

Texture – The state-of-the-art material makes the texture of case really smooth yet grippy for hands.
Accessories – The company also designs a range of accessories that would make the user experience even better, such as floating frames, waterproof headsets, and armbands.


Price – The price tag of $79 would stop many people from choose LifeProof. However taking its capability and functions into consideration, I think it worths much more than that.

Touchscreen – This is probably the only thing that I don’t like about the case. Since there is an exterior cover mounted on the frame, we can’t actually touch the iPhone screen directly, which makes the response of the screen much less sensitive.

In short, this is the best iPhone case I have found for myself, and I believe it would be suitable for a lot of iPhone lovers too.

If you are interested in getting one for yourself, please check out my items for sale! I source all LifeProof products from Cellnet, the only authorised distributor in Australia.


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