The Ultimate Shellac Challenge: CND vs Bluesky

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You've always wanted to use shellac nail polish but the CND price tag is too high. Bluesky is shellac that's easy on the pocket - but you wonder: what's the difference? I put them both to the test.

For the ultimate shellac face-off, I have done 2 nails in CND and 2 nails in Bluesky Shellac Decadence!

CND: Index and middle fingers
Bluesky: Pinky and 4th finger

Bluesky Shellac vs CND: DAY 1

-Both easy to apply and glide on as would a great quality regular nail polish!

The Brush
-Each brush is flat-which assists in a great even coverage of the nail, allows for better control
-The Base Coat brush is shorter in length to aid in the foundation application

Drying Time
-Both exactly the same.

-The Bluesky is a slightly deeper shade of crimson red (a great vibrant shade to melt away the winter blues).

-Both Amazing! Glossy, shinny and flawless!

Bluesky Shellac vs CND: DAY 8

Okay. So after 8 days of wear, tear, cleaning and all the normal activities, they both are looking great.

Tip - To keep your cuticles moisturised, use a cuticle oil ideally daily to get your nails and cuticles hydrated especially in the winter months.

Bluesky Shellac vs CND: DAY 15

A quick recap of the challenge: 2 fingers painted with CND vs 2 fingers with Bluesky Shellac
CND: Index and middle fingers
Bluesky: Pinky and 4th finger

Here they are on Day 15:

The Winner

DURABILITY WINNER: #1 Bluesky Shellac

Notice the wearing down on the ends of the nail tip faster on the CND, by day 14 the Bluesky application was as strong as day 1, whereas the CND was starting to separate from the nail on the nail tip.


Both equally easy to apply, in consistency, ease of application and process


Simply a larger choice in colours, especially with the neon colours!


Was easier to remove, although lifting at the tip of the free edge of the nail was present around day 13-15 with CND.

COST WINNER: #1 Bluesky Shellac

A Bluesky Shellac Starter Kit starts at $115
Includes: Lamp, 6 Colours, Top & Base, Instructions, File, Cuticle Stick

While a CND Shellac Equivalent Starter Kit: $600
Includes: Lamp, 6 Colours, Top & Base, Instructions, File, Cuticle Stick

OVERALL WINNER..... #1 Bluesky Shellac

Durability, wear, application and colour selection meant Bluesky gives you the same top results, with less outlay!

Come visit our store to get the best deals on 14-day wear, mirror-shine finish, zero drying time Shellac today! Go on, you know you deserve it!

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