The Value of Finding Your Purpose

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Your Greatest Treasure Lies Right Beneath Your Feet

A young woman was walking along a beautiful deserted beach taking in the refreshing sea breeze and ocean waves. She was here on this day walking alone because she desired answers... answers about her life purpose... she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life and where she wanted to go... this day was all about finding her passion and inspiration.

As she walked along the beach she suddenly came across an elderly gentleman sitting on a rock catching fish. She came up to this intriguing looking man and asked him about his life. Surely enough they chatted about life, love and happiness. As their conversation continued she asked him if he had found his true life's purpose and passion. The old man looked at her with a sincere smile... he began telling his story...

When I was a young boy I would come here to catch fish every day so that I could sell them at the market... One day as usual I was sitting here when I came across a shiny object in the sand. I dug it up and found a golden Royal Mariner Clock still in working condition... I imagined that it belonged to a very wealthy sailor. I noticed an inscription at the back which said,

"Your greatest treasure lies right beneath your feet."

I was at a point in my life where I wanted to find my passion and purpose, so I set my goals high and decided that this was a sign that I too would become a wealthy sailor who would catch an infinite amount of fish in the deepest oceans.

For several decades that followed I worked extremely hard to bring my dreams to fruition. I caught fish day and night and sold them at the market... When I had enough money I bought a small boat so that I could sail further into the ocean to catch bigger fish.

As the years went by I purchased larger boats and could now catch fish in the deepest of oceans... at one stage I had a fleet of over 100 boats and 250 men catching fish and selling them at the market.

One day I met this Japanese man who offered to buy my fishing business from me... To tell you the truth I was happy to give it to him because it took a lot of energy to manage all those boats and people... very stressful indeed... I had lost touch with who I was and who I essentially wanted to become.

Once the fishing business was sold I found myself sitting here on the beach catching fish as I once did as a boy so long ago... I reached into my pocket and pulled out my Royal Mariner Clock and read the inscription once again, "Your greatest treasure lies right beneath your feet." It then suddenly dawned upon me... what I am doing now is what I should have always focused on... catching fish along this stretch of beach has always been my greatest passion and yet all this time I thought that my purpose was out there in the deepest oceans... At that moment I sighed and thought back to all that time I could have spent living out my purpose and passion...

I think that many of us spend the latter years of our lives regretting the decisions we made in our younger days. For me... knowing that I now have my treasure is all that really matters...

Tears welled up in the young woman’s eyes as the old man concluded his story. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out that old Royal Mariner clock. While handing it over to the young girl he said...

"I have found my treasure, isn't it time you found yours?"

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