The WORLDs Best air conditioning system

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The worlds Best air conditioning system

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The Government Cant fix it, But You Can, Saving Money at the same time.

  1. Insulate your home against the weather, door frames & windows by sealing them will also save you a lot of money on heating & cooling.
  2.  Do your domestic washing at night - only use biodegradable detergent & discharge the water outside on to your garden & don't forget the 10 to 10 Rule, That's 10 pm to 10 am otherwise watering hot soil activates the salinity burning leaf tips.
  3.  Mow your lawn with out the catcher just mulch it back in to the lawn, this keeps the moisture level in your soil higher, so it's soft & greener for longer, also the worms are happier to work away aerating your soil.
  4.  Get a practical size vehicle, the reality of going from A to B is that 1 you're restricted to a speed limit & 2 you're held up in traffic the bigger the engine the more the governments & fuel refineries make out of you.
  5.  Don’t drive your Children to school, if there is an alternative, use it. After all; you need some time to, & your parents didn't drive you every where?  Give them a bike so they can burn off some sugar from all that junk food. & think of the money you can save from your reduced fuel consumption, not to mention the fact that your doing them a favor, as a lot of young teens have no idea what work is these days & employers do not pay wages for appearance, they actually do pay for productivity.
  6.  Use the new generation globes where ever possible & Look towards replacing even florescent tubes with the new T8 & T12 Led tubes rated at only 8 watts & now direct power no Ballast or starter they are even lower maintenance & no longer a fire hazard, the saving you will make on your next bill, you can take yourself & your other half out for tea, Just note only use the LED style or standard Globe on externals as they have less issues with the weather as you don't want to be replacing them regularly.
  7.  If your vehicle weight is 1000 kilograms or more try a tyre pressure of 40 psi, this will improve mileage & reduce tyre wear, as inflation pressures are set by tyre manufacturers not car makers.  Remove un-required items from your vehicle as it's just extra dead weight, & finally your engines performance can be improved by replacing your coolant with a performance coolant as used in Detroit Diesels this is a water softener that will reduce the horsepower loss at the water pump, where as that common green ethyl glycol is a water hardener. Step 7 Will give you about 16 to 20 % improvement in your fuel consumption & 10% ethanol based fuel will give you another 10% + extra Mileage & yes the fuel companies will tell you it's not good, as it is not good for them. 
  8.  Invest in a water purifier filter & store your unused boiled water or better still Rain water (contains no Flouride), you will be so surprised at the difference it makes to your family's health, specially if anyone suffers from asthma or eczema then try a couple of indoor plants for some fresh air in the home. (very important for the girls)
  9.   Invest in a Roof vent to extracts Heat & Moisture from the Roof Cavity Wind Driven so no Running cost at $54.00 from Bunnings it's not hard to install if you're a bit of a handy man & the difference is Just Unbelievable, I should have done it years ago now I have I can tell you I feel healthier & I haven't had to use the Air Conditioner or the Heater Much But note this was based on the ceiling fan draft stoppers & seals around all windows & Frames all up I spent under $200 But I am saving closer to $835 a year on average Possibly more now due to the latest rate increases towards the yet to run desalination plant.
  10.  If you have to upgrade your TV, I should clarify some technical info the Government has made it Law that retailers may not sell Plasma TVs in Australia, effective 2 years from Prime Minister Rudd's Appointment this was announced on Australian News Broadcasts due to their power consumption being on average double that of an LCD of equivalent size & mass, also note that a tube TV on average is only about 25% Greater than an LCD so yes an LCD monitor is more energy efficient plus it gives you more desk space than the old style tube monitor. What this also means is by using a Plasma TV the Heat produced from it's massive power consumption is also adding to your Air Conditioning Running Cost in summer.
  11.  Now for something really good, Your Computer Case Power supply can be replaced with the new generation 80plus units which are as Quoted 80% More efficient than the mass market generic power supply, they're quite easy to install, mine is so quiet now & I don't have those annoying fan noises any more, In addition to this check that your case cooling fans are the 3 pin type & plugged in to the motherboard as Global green energy standards demand that the fan cooling operation must be regulated as an option to the consumer, unfortunately there are no standards on aftermarket fans or fans supplied with computer cases, so if your case fans are powered directly to the system power supply, going at full force you may wish to upgrade your case fans, As most motherboards have Multiple 3 pin plugs on board for cooling to the required work load or temperature so yes quieter as they slow down & speed up as required & use less power with automatic controlling of the computer case temperature according to the work load & conditions, as a note when you do a fan to the motherboards upgrade to go in to the Bios on start up & switch it on to automatic control. Stand by for updates on these savings as I am speculating that it will pay for it's self in under 12 months taking in to account a reduced load on the air conditioner operation that will automatically kick in if we get a couple of hot days in a row, Try eBay for the 80plus power supply. note everyone's needs are different & if you just quickly check you emails etc, you may just need more Ram this will just make everything happen faster so your computer will be off sooner giving you more free time or me time as I call it. Also set your Monitor to Sleep after 10 minutes of no activity not only does it save you on your power usage, it also extends the service life of the Monitors back light. also note that Anti Virus is now a FREE add on from Microsoft ( security essentials) this is dew to Macintosh's advertising that they don't need anti virus, & it's quite good the computer runs faster  
  12. Get yourself an Electric Power Saver Box & Plug it in Near your Fridge, Washing Machine or Air Conditioner these contain capacitors that store & discharge Power which will do 2 things, reduce the Power usage at the Meter by 33% or more & extend the Life of the Appliance, Do note they are only affective on Electric motor driven appliances & will not reduce the power consumption of Lights & Heaters but at around $10.00 each you will get your money back many times over. A sample image of one type of these units is shown in the Battery Guide.

      80Plus Power Supply              Door frame seals               Door draft & weather seal        Ceiling Fan draft stopper

Email a Friend; you may save millions of lives. Go on what have you got to loose It is a scientific fact increased carbon dioxide accelerates evaporation more trees means more oxygen, more trees means more rain. Around the world water storage is dropping, populations are increasing & oceans are rising the talk about it, do something about it, does your car have to have an engine that big really.  

Without doubt the best Quality & range of sun awnings, blinds & covers I have ever seen, is available from

Electric Scooter Bike 60 Kilometres per hour 30 Kilometre range no fuel cost, produces no carbon monoxide. The Alsynite Roof vent is a wind driven  Heat & Moisture extractor that Exhausts Heat & Moisture from the Roof Cavity at $54.00 from Bunning it's not hard to install if you're a bit of a handy man, The difference is Just Unbelievable; I should have done it years ago. Note as a Later Update it has saved me $165.00 in the following Year from 2008 to 2009 on my Power Bill as the Air Conditioner has virtually not been required Except for a couple of occasions when it's been 40 plus a couple of days in a row. I am always testing new technology so this will be updated regularly with more Savings so you may wish to save this Page to your favorites as there is some new technology & information you have possibly heard of LED TVs & monitors there here & there power consumption is nearly 1/2 that of an LCD the picture is more brilliant than a plasma, I have recently obtained one & will update this guide when I can give you more accurate information & guess what you can LED Globes now & they use as little as 1 Watt & last a very long time.

Also It may not be related to keeping cool But, It's something else that I feel I should share with everyone as on occasions I have been exposed to computers with Bigpond as their Internet Service Provider & feel you should be aware that their internet speed is equal to a dial up connection, But their charges for the service I question as criminal so I am  providing an independent review that may help you save a lot of money with better service & actual backup & support this can be found at pc authority magazine review of the best ISP 2008 Note little has changed & Telstra are still bullies this review had nothing nice to say about bigpond, the only thing bigpond beet every other service provider with was complaints & Hi charges with extra hidden charges for uploading that are not charged by the others & deceptively not mentioned in there sales & marketing material. Please also note Dodo was acquired by Telstra a few years ago & they are both Equally as bad & Optus is listed as the 3rd worst just in front of Telstra & Dodo spending as much time as each other in court over civil actions & disputes these 3 will cut your connection till the matter is fixed my current service provider reduces my connection to a dial up speed so business is not affected.


Remember this thought the Governments income is greatly reliant on fuel tax, green house gases are now under control, carbon dioxide More abnormal events have taken place in the last couple of years than ever in history, The next thing you heard is you have to pay for water, as a desalination Plant adds to our Global Warming Problem, our living costs & is effectively incapable of producing the volumes of water required for an ever growing population, you will probably hear soon that your water & sewage is to be recycled.

If you can appreciate the time, I've put into sharing this guide with you & feel it's useful information for others, please take the time & effort to vote on the link below, Thank you Kindly for your time & I hope you found it like a Pay Rise.

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