The Worst Case Scenario Survival Game

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The Worst Case Scenario Survival Game

In this Worst-Case Scenario Survival Game you face interesting and dangerous situations
which will be a challenged to overcome and show off your survival instincts.

You're given a worst-case scenario and three choices.
You must pick the best choice from the hair-raising to the humorous ... .

Can you fend off a shark?
Cross a piranha-infested river?
How about clearing a jammed copy machine?
Could you survive a five-story fall into a dumpster?
Or maybe land an airplane?
Ever had to escape from the trunk of a car?

Well it's up to you to get out of your Worst-Case scenario.
Just give your best answer and if you're right move on; if you're not, your situation only gets worse.

And you'll learn a lot of interesting information in the process!

In this game is based on the best-selling book series,
and your pessimism or terrifying life experiences may help make you a winner!

This Game comes complete with the game board, four playing pieces, 300 Worst-Case Scenario cards and one die card.
It is designed for up to 4 players.

This game is loads of fun and we laughed hysterically at some of the different answers. We did have questions about how the answers were derived and wondered about the accuracy. But since we're not anticipating to be in many of these situations soon, we just took the answers at face value and had fun with it! It was wonderful entertainment!

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