The experience of shipping from Hong Kong as a seller

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I was selling and located in Melbourne, Australia when I start my ebay business. For some personal reason, I went back to my home country, Hong Kong to continue this business.

As a Hong Kong based ebay seller, I found shipping is the most hardest part to me.

Shipping time frame is the most difficult part to a seller who locates in Hong Kong but wish to sell internationally. We can never be compared shipping product from HK with locally because it is across two border, two Customs, two local post offices.

I had some experience that shipping from HK to Australia or Europe that is extremely fast, you couldn't believe it was only taking 4 business days. Alternatively, A very bad experience that was nearly taking a month and a half to another country. The reasons that was taking so long time are because:

  1. Queuing of flight/s (more than one flight sometimes)
  2. Customs inspection in both Hong Kong and also the delivery country.
  3. Delay of post office or postman.
  4. Nobody to sign a registered post, express post, courier at the delivery address, and a notice of pick up left in mailbox but loss somewhere.

Those uncertainties above can cause shipping delay.

What a HK seller can do and it is the only thing can do is to shipping item within one business day or next business day to shorten at least one day that the buyer waiting.

When I was doing ebay business in Australia and only selling locally in Australia, I shipped items after two business days but buyer still satisfied with the shipping time. However, I try my best to ship items within 1 business day or the next business day in HK, buyer wouldn't be satisfied sometimes.

I hope buyers can understand the afford that Hong Kong sellers have given. It is very easy to find out a seller sending your product immediately or late by checking the date chopped by post office or courier company on the parcel you recieved.

If you are waiting really long time, please communicated to your seller before leaving them a negative feedback. Most of the sellers in Hong Kong are happy to help and solve your problem.

Thank you for your reading and happy buying with Hong Kong ebay sellers.


By Eric Ling, 16 March 2011

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