The future looks bright for eBay sellers & store owners

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In a recent article from the Sydney Morning Herald
Journalist Lema Samandar reported that the furture looks bright for eBay sellers and store owners.

It was apparant from the article that larger Australian retilers have remained absent from the online market, which is a big plus for eBay sellers and store owners.
The inaugural OBI (Australian Online Business Index) illustrates that Australia is experiencing growth withinthe e-commerce sectore - great news for eBay!

The OBI recently ran a pol via a select group of eBay's top sellers, and it was found that approx. 67 per cent of these sellers were optimistic about their future with eBay - that's more great news!
38 per cent of sellers surveyed said that they would be looking into hiring new staff in the near future,  to assist with the growth of their online businesses.
These figures were based on a 12 month outlook.

EBay managing director - Australia and New Zealand, Deborah Sharkey stated that: it is small to medium businesses that utilise the internet as a form of commerce most effectively.

The survey also asked sellers what areas they would like to see change occur - the overwhelming response was in the areana of GST. The repondents noted that GST was a considerable burden on their businesses.
I second that motion - GST has been the bain marie of my life for many years!

The survey was conducted between Dec 09 and Jan 2010 - which would have been a considerably busy time for most of the partisipants I would imagine!
Approx. 454 sellers partisipated in the survey and reported an annual turnover of between $60,000 and 6.4 million!

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