The importance of being honest...Leaving FEEDBACK

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Feedback is important because it lets other trading partners know how trustworthy and competent you are as a buyer or seller.

Positive feedback
is left when you buy an item and pay for it quickly.  Positive feedback is also left when you sell something and you give the buyer good service.

Neutral feedback
can be left if you believe the service or product is not too bad, but does not warrant a positive or negative response.

Negative feedback
is generally given when you feel that you are not being treated fairly or the goods you have purchased are in poor condition
(when they were advertised as being new and nothing wrong with them.)  Sometimes bad feedback is left when a person
you are dealing with does not pay or you have paid them and you don't receive the goods.  Negative feedback is left
if you are constantly emailing your trading partner and get little or no replies.

To gauge an eBay member's dependability it is best to view their recent rating profile.  This gives you an overview of the dealings other people have had with them within the last twelve months.


STEP 1:  
Log into your ' my eBay' account.  In the left hand column under ' My eBay Views' is a heading entitled ' My Account'

-Select ' FEEDBACK' from this list.  

This will display all items awaiting feedback by you and at the bottom of the screen is your recent feedback from other recent trading partners.

These items awaiting feedback will be listed here sorted automatically from newest to oldest that you have to give out and receive from.

Entries that have been completed have these symbols next to them.
  Feedback given out for others activates a star symbol
Feedback received has a speech balloon with plus symbol activated in the right hand side ' Action' column.

Entries with both the star and speech balloon do not require any further action by you.

-Select the trading partner you want to leave feedback for from the list by clicking on the Leave Feedback link.

 The next screen you will see is the ' Feedback forum: Leave feedback' their user ID and item number details will have populated the fields automatically.

Select a rating to give them (either positive, neutral, negative or leave later)
Type in a comment.  Try to put something different as a comment even if you have multiple buys from one person, as you have to leave feedback for each and every item purchased.


  • Once left, you cannot edit or retract feedback; you are solely responsible for the content.  
  • It's always best to keep your feedback factual; avoid making personal remarks.   
  • Feedback can be left for at least 90 days following a transaction.   
  • If you have a dispute, contact your trading partner to try and resolve the dispute before leaving feedback.

-Click the ' Leave Feedback' (the grey button)  

or if you change your mind and wish to cancel the feedback press Cancel

If you receive this screen then you have completed the feedback process.


The leave feedback forum for all items seen on the feedback screen brings all entries that require feedback at once.  They are listed in order from oldest to newest and feedback has to be done all at the same time.

For additional information on leaving feedback follow these links:
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