The importance of properly referencing payments

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The Importance of properly Referencing a Payment..

On some occasions buyers can forget to add a reference into their deposit to a seller, that can cause problems and delays, especially if the seller is selling multiple lots of the item purchased as there will be many payments in the sellers account of the same amount.

This is where referencing your payment properly is so important, it helps the seller locate your specific payment in their account quickly, making the processing or dispatch time much faster and without delays or hassle.

Below is an example of an Internet Transaction Payment:
By paying over the Internet it's very important that you, as a buyer, enter a unique reference so that the seller can identify the payment being from you, the most unique indentifier is most often your eBay username. Typing your eBay username in the 'Reference' field of your bank payment screen will help greatly to ensure the seller will know who the payment belongs to.

Below is an example of a deposit made over the counter at a bank:
When paying over the counter at a bank branch it's important that you keep your receipt/docket that the bank gives you, and once you have completed the deposit you can email the BSB number from the receipt/docket of that branch to the seller, often the bank you pay at will use it's own BSB number as a kind of payment reference which will appear in the sellers account.

Properly referencing your payment to a seller will help avoid delays and confusion, the seller will be able to locate your payment quickly once it clears in their account and will be able to get the purchased item sent off to you much sooner.

It's always a good idea to ask your seller about any payment concerns you may have, and specifically in regards to how you are to send your payment and reference it if made as an online transaction.

I hope that the information contained in this guide can help in providing you with knowledge of safe and hassle-free auction purchase processes.

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